Boothby, Nellie Olive (1891-1993)

Updated/Edited: 15 Jan 2015

Boothby Ancestry:

This is the ancestry of Grandpa Rust’s grandmother, Nellie Olive Boothby, beginning with her immigrant ancestor, Henry Boothby, born in England in 1672.

Nellie Olive Boothby is Aidan, Ashley and Haley’s 2nd great grandmother. Henry Boothby is their 9th great grandfather.

Burrage, Henry Sweetser and Albert Roscoe Stubbs.  Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 4 (Maine: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1909), 1,674. (free Google eBook): “The name and family of Boothby are of great antiquity, and may be traced back at least a thousand years. One distinguished antiquarian states that about the year 800, King Egbert divided the Saxon nation into counties, hundreds, and wapentakes, and that one of the latter sections in Lincolnshire was named Boothby.”

First Generation in America

1.HENRY¹ BOOTHBY, born in England in 1672 and died in Scarborough, York, Maine.

From: Burrage, Genealogical and Family History, 1,674-1,677. “(I) Henry Boothby was born in England, migrated to Ireland, married and had children there and came to Kittery, now in Maine, about 1720. His brother, Thomas, who had been with him in Ireland, came by way Halifax, Nova Scotia to Wells, Maine. It is possible that Henry Boothby moved to Scarborough with his sons and was the Henry Boothby whose name appears as a charter member of the Black Point church. It known that he had two sons, Thomas, whose sketch follows, and Samuel, who settled in Scarborough. There was also a Jane Boothby, who might have been a daughter of Henry, who was published with John Moore 2 Kittery, December 18 1742. (II) Thomas, son of Henry Boothby, born in Ireland, in 1700, and died, at Scarborough, Maine, March 25 1758. He came to Kittery, Maine, with his father about 1720, and settled at Scarborough, between 1730 and 1736. The intention of his marriage to Lydia Came, was recorded at Kittery, January 8 1725. They had seven children: 1 Jonathan born December 1 1725; 2 Samuel whose sketch follows; 3 Joseph May 19 1729 married Susan McClellan of Portland and lived at Scarborough; 4 Miriam April 17 1733 married John Deering at Kittery; 5 John April 27 1735 died young; 6 Eunice November 22 1736 married Philip Aubin and died in 1756; 7 Lois November 22 1736 married Isaac Deering.” From: Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 4, by Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs, pp. 2116-2117.: “(IV) John 3, son of Ebenezer Moore, was born about 1715. He married at Kittery, intentions dated, December 18, 1742, Jane Boothby. The history of Saco states that their descendants are scattered through York County, Maine. She was the daughter of Henry Boothby, born in England, settled in Ireland, married there, and came with children to Kittery, about 1720. It is possible that he removed to Scarborough with his sons, and was the Henry Boothby, whose name appears as a charter member of the Black Point Church. If so, and the proof is convincing, he was ancestor of all of the name, in Scarborough, and vicinity. Children of Henry and Thomas Boothby: i. Richard, born about 1700, died January 2 1782, was a prominent citizen of Wells; ii. John died in the expedition to Canada, in 1756; iii. Henry married Sarah Trafton, of York, and settled in Wells; iv. Thomas, born in Ireland, about 1710, married Lydia Came, in Kittery, and settled in Scarborough, died March 25 1758;v. Samuel, born in Ireland, came to Kittery, in 1720, settled in Scarborough, in 1736, and was progenitor through his youngest son of nearly all of the name in Saco; vi. Jane mentioned above. The last three were children of Henry, the first three of Thomas Boothby his brother. John Morr, Jr., as he was called at the time of his marriage, doubtless to distinguish him from his cousin and uncle of the same name in Kittery, removed from Kittery, to Scarborough where his wife’s people lived. Children born [to John and Jane] in Kittery: 1 Dennis, born March 25 1744; 2 Mary, born April 26 1746 married 1765 Lemuel Remick; 3 Ebenezer, born March 28 1750, 4 Isaac, 5 John mentioned below, 6 Abram.”

Children of Henry Boothby:
i.    THOMAS² BOOTHBY, b. in Ireland 1710 d. in Maine in 1758
ii.   SAMUEL² BOOTHBY, born in Ireland about 1713
iii. JANE BOOTHBY b. in Ireland about 1719 married John Moore

Second Generation

2. SAMUEL² BOOTHBY, (Henry¹), born in Ireland about 1713. He married in Scarborough, York, Maine in 1736, ESTHER BURBANK, she was born in Kittery, , Maine.

From: Burrage, Genealogical and Family History, 1,674-1,677.

“v. Samuel, born in Ireland, came to Kittery, in 1720, settled in Scarborough, in 1736 and was progenitor through his youngest son of nearly all of the name in Saco.”

Children of Samuel and Esther (Burbank) Boothby:
i. JOSIAH³ BOOTHBY, born 12 Nov 1738 in Scarborough, Cumberland,Maine.

Third Generation

3. JOSIAH³ BOOTHBY, (Samuel², Henry¹), born in Scarborough, York, Maine on 12 Nov 1738 and died in Clermont County, Ohio on 30 Nov 1804 . He married SARAH STUART, in Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine.

Child of Josiah and Sarah (Stuart) Boothby:
i. JOSIAH4 BOOTHBY, born about 1 Jan 1775; died 31 Dec 1834

Fourth Generation

4. JOSIAH4 BOOTHBY, (Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹), born in Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine on 1 Jan 1775 and died in Brown County, Ohio, on 31 Dec 1833. Married, first, MARY ROUNDS, on 3 Sep 1802, she was the mother of all his children; married, DELIVERANCE HANNA, in Brown County, Ohio after the death of Mary.

Following are records of probate and the estate sale after the death of Josiah BOOTHBY on 31 Dec 1833: Probate, 11 Aug 1834 “KNOW all men by these presents, that we, Robert Hamilton, James BOOTHBY, Matthew Day and James McFadden, all of Brown County, and state of Ohio, are held and firmly bound unto the state of Ohio, in the penal sum of six hundred dollars, current money, to the payment of which well and truly to be made to the state of Ohio, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Witness our hands and seals, this eleventh day of august, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four. Whereas Robert Hamilton, James BOOTHBY, were this day appointed administrators of all, and singular, the goods, and chattels which were of Josiah BOOTHBY, deceased, late of this county, dec’d. NOW THE CONDITION of the above obligation is such, that if the above bound Administrator as aforesaid, shall and will faithfully perform all the duties required of them by law, then this obligation to be void, otherwise remain in full force and virtue. signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of Andrew Ellison (signed), Robert Hamilton (seal), James Boothby (seal), James McFadden (seal), Matthew Day (seal)

Inventory of personal property belonging to the personal estate of Josiah Boothby of the County of Brown, Ohio which was sold on the 2nd and 4th days of September 1834:

To Whom Sold – Articles Sold – Amount Sold For $ C Thomas Gilmore, 5 barrels salt, $13.13
Omega Young, 5 barrels salt, $11.11
Sanford B. Allen, 25 barrels salt, $56.90
Wm. Davidson, 13 barrels salt, $31.35
Wm. Doudney, 12 barrels salt, $25.38
Vincent Grubb, 14 barrels salt, $30.82
James Cochran, 8 barrels salt, 18 19
Herman Hanna, 10 barrels salt, $23.45
Kyte & Thrasher, 14 do do 34 12
Daniel Moon, 1 do do, $2.49
James Norris, 1 do do, $2.00
George Richardson, 1 do do 1 68 3/4
Robert Hamilton, 1 empty barrel, 0 06 1/4
Wm Holden, 1 flat boat, $45.00
Joshua Musgrove, 3 barrels, 00 43 3/4
Joshua Musgrove, 4 barrels, 00 37 1/2
Deliverance Boothby, 1 Spinning Wheel, 00 25
George Landon, 1 do do, 00 25
Joshua Musgrove, 1 box iron, 00 50
Alexr Hanna, 1 brass kettle, 2 26Deliverance Boothby, 1 kettle and lid, 0 80
Deliverance Boothby, 1 kettle, 0 20
James Land, 1 salt kettle, 2 62 1/2
Wm. Hight, 1 kettle, 1 75
Mr ?, 1 pair of steelyards, 1 25
Thomas Taylor, 1 bridle, 1 00
James Martin, 1 lot of shoemaster’s tools, 1 44 3/4
James McFadden, 1 lot of tools, 0 65
Joshua Musgrove, 1 Box & Half bushel, 0 15
James Young, 1 waggon, 35 50
James Young, 1 pair of break hands, 0 45
Thomas Taylor, 1 pair of check lines, 00 50
David Hanna, 1 lot of chains, 18 3/4
Willis Bent, 1 lot of utensils, 62 1/2
Alx Hanna, 1 pitch-fork, 50
Thomas Taylor, 1 table, 4 00
Deliverance Boothby, 1 table, 1 12 1/2
James Mc Fadden, 1 Bureau, 5 50
John Fiscus senior?, 1 waggon, 18 3/4
Lemuel Rounds*, 1 cupboard, 1 37 1/2
Deliverance Boothby, 1 bookcase, 37 1/2
Milton Ross, 2 pair of gears, 2 12 1/2
Everet D. Smith, 1 red calf, 1 62 1/2
Everet D. Smith, 2 white calves, 2 06 1/4
Joseph Barns, 1 cow, 12 62 1/2
Samuel D Price, 1 cow, 12 43 3/4
Thomas Taylor, 1 plow, 2 62 1/2
William Hight, 3 Barrels, 43 3/4
Deliverance Boothby, 6 sheep, 3 53 1/2
Milton Ross, 1 lot of corn, 3 00
Robert Hamilton, 1 pair of steelyards, 1 25 true $ 443. 82 1/2
James BOOTHBY and Robert Hamilton Administrators

Notes on names in Bold: *Lemuel Rounds, probably the brother in law through Josiah’s first marriage.
Herman, Alexander, & David Hanna, probably relatives of the widow, her maiden name was Hanna, and of course, Deliverance is the widow of Josiah, but not the mother of all of the children.

Children of Josiah and Mary (Rounds) Boothby:
i.  JAMES5 BOOTHBY, (Josiah4, Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹)

Fifth Generation

5. JAMES5 BOOTHBY, (Josiah 4, Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹), born in Brown County, Ohio in 1803. He married ELIZABETH DIVES.

Sixth Generation

6. WILLIAM J. D.6 BOOTHBY (James 5, Josiah 4, Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹), was born in Brown County, Ohio in 1835. He married REBECCA JANE SMITH.

Seventh Generation

7. JOHN AUGUSTUS7 BOOTHBY (Wm. J. D.6, James5, Josiah4, Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹), was born in Mt. Orab, Brown County, Ohio on 11 Oct 1861. He married LENORA ANN MILLER.

Children of John Augustus and Lenora Ann (Miller) Boothby:
i. NELLIE OLIVE8 BOOTHBY b. in Illinois on 1891

Eighth Generation

8. NELLIE OLIVE8 BOOTHBY ( John Augustus 7, Wm. J. D. 6, James 5, Josiah 4, Josiah³, Samuel², Henry¹), born 27 Sep 1891 in Baylis, Pike County, Illinois. She married ALFRED GEORGE PAGET.

Children of Alfred George and Nellie Olive (Boothby) Paget:
i. FREDERICK PAGET b. Hawaii in 1924
ii. ELIZABETH ANN9 PAGET b. in San Francisco, Calif. on 24 Jul 1927


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