Grandpa Rust’s Ancestry

Updated/Edited: 14 May 2015

Welcome to Grandpa Rust’s (Bruce and Brad’s) family history, beginning with their four grandparents: Claude Delano Rust, Anna Lena Boettner, Alfred George Paget and Nellie Olive Boothby.

Grandpa’s Master Pedigree

Y-DNA Projects:
Rust Surname Project (Grandpa’s Rust surname originates in Prussia, now Germany.) It is HaplogroupR1a or R-M512.

Rust Name Meaning
Swiss German: topographic name for someone who lived by a prominent elm tree, Rust (Old High German ruost), or in northern Germany for someone who lived by a resting place or halt along a route, from Middle Low German ruste ‘rest’. English (chiefly East Anglia) and Scottish: nickname for someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion, from Old English rust ‘rust’ (from a Germanic root meaning ‘red’).
Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press

PATERNAL ANCESTRY: (Rust and Boettner ancestors)

My Paternal Ancestral Surnames

1. RUST:
My father’s father: Claud Delano Rust (1871-1933) Prussian/German
Rust Family Photos! NEW!
Ancestors’ Sketches for Claud Delano Rust

My father’s mother Anna Lena Boettner (1888- ) German

Ancestors’ Sketches for Anna Lena Boettner (1888-):

MATERNAL ANCESTRY: (Paget and Boothby ancestors)

My Maternal Ancestral Surnames

My mother’s father: Alfred George Paget ( 1887- 1927) English

Ancestor Sketches for for Alfred George Paget ( -1927):
Sarah Bradford (1684-) Mayflower Descendant English
Priscilla Coffin (1691-1772) English
Edward Gilman (1587-1681) English
Elizabeth Ann Hilton (1840-1895) English
William and Edward Hilton Founded Hilton’s Point English
Eliza Maude White (1866-1943) English

Nantucket Island Ancestors: Coffin, Gardner, Starbuck and White.

My mother’s mother: Nellie Olive Boothby (1891-1993)

Ancestors’ Sketches for Nellie Olive Boothby (1891-1993):



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