In Memoriam: John Wesley Keith Pepper (1932-2014)

Added: 14 Jan 2015

I am my father’s daughter…I believe that now more than ever before…he was there with me and for me from the very beginning. This is his page.

On September 29, 2014 we had a military burial service for my dad at the Northern California Veteran’s Cemetery in Igo, California. It is a beautiful place. My mom and dad had visited there a few months before he passed away, and they thought it was a great place.

My daughter Rachel took these photos there the other day, nearly four months after his burial. For those who may not know, my dad had one tattoo, on his left bisep from his days in the Korean War. I think he got it in Okinawa, Japan. It is an eagle, similar to the one on his stone.

Dad's Grave Stone

Dad’s Grave Stone

Section 11 #344

Section 11 #344

He loved pistachio nuts!

He loved pistachio nuts!

Amazing sunset from the cemetery.

Amazing sunset from the cemetery.


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