William and Edward Hilton Founded Hilton’s Point

Added: 4 Feb 2014
Edited: 15 December 2015

William HILTON and his brother Edward Hilton established Hilton’s Point (later Dover) which became New Hampshire’s first permanent settlement. There is a lot of information about this settlement available online and in publications.

After reading several published histories and genealogies this is my understanding of how William Hilton and his younger brother Edward Hilton came to the New World and what became of them.

See sources and references at the bottom of the page!

My Working TIMELINE: Major events in William Hilton’s Life

21 Feb 1590, Cheshire County, England:
William HILTON 2, “Willm Hylton” was christened on 21 Feb 1590 according to the “England, Cheshire Parish Registers, 1538-2000” in Witton-cum-Twambrook, Cheshire,  probably in the chapelry of Witton in the township of Witton-cum-Twambrook in the ancient parish of Great Budworth in Cheshire County, England. He was the son of (Mark) Roger HILTON, and Ellen MAINWARING.

16o5, Cheshire, England, about age 15:
William’s father, William 1 died about 1605 in Witton-cum-Twambrook, Cheshire, England.

1616, Cheshire County, England and London, England, about age 26:
William HILTON 2 was married by 1616 in Northwich (Witton-cum-Twambrook, Cheshire, England). Some records give her name as “Mary.”

He was admitted to membership in the Fishmongers’ Guild, in London, in 1616, and was an active member until he came to Plymouth, New England, arriving November 11, 1621, in the ship “Fortune.”

22 June 1617, Cheshire County, England, about age 27:
William’s son – William Hilton 3 baptized 22 June 1617 in Northwich, Cheshire, England.

1620, Cheshire County, England, about age 30:
William’s daughter – Mary Hilton baptized in Cheshire County, England.

11 Nov 1621, Plymouth, Massachusetts, about age 31:
William 2 arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts on the ship “Fortune” from Plymouth, England. His family came later.

Autumn 1622, about age 32:
William 2 returned to England

Spring 1623, Hilton’s Point on the Piscataqua, about age 33:
William Hilton 2 returns to Pascatqua (New Hampshire) bringing his brother Edward Hilton.

July 1623, Plymouth, Massachusetts, about age 33:
William’s wife and two children (including son William 3) came over to Plymouth in the ship “Ann.”

Summer 1624, Plymouth, MA and Hilton’s Point, on the Piscataqua River, about age 34:
William’s wife and three children move to Hilton’s Point from Plymouth.

2 June 1633, about age 43:
Had land stolen from him by Capt. Walker Neal.

1642, Dover, about age 52:

Was Assistant Justice at Dover.

1644, Massachusetts, about age 54:
Deputy to the Massachusetts General Court.

Kittery became Incorporated as the first town in Maine, which was a Province of Massachusetts.

27 Oct 1648, Kittery Point, Maine, about age 58:
Received a license to keep a public house at Warehouse Point, near Phyllis Notch. He had ferry boats which ran to various points on the Great Island and Strawberry Bank side of the river.

1650, York County, Maine, about age 60:
Moved to York County (what is now Maine).

22 Nov 1652, York Co., about age 62:
York County became part of Massachusetts until later when it became the state of Maine.
He was one of the signers that made that town come under the rule of Massachusetts and took the oath of freeman; there were fifty signers.

1652, York County, Massachusetts:
Selectman of York

1653, York County, Massachusetts:
Selectman of York

25 October 1653, about age 63:
Judgement was given regarding William’s stolen land in his favor and he was paid 160.00 pounds.

1654, York County, Massachusetts:
Selectman of York

1655 or 1656, York, MA:
Died in York County, Massachusetts. Died approximately aged 65-66.

30 June 1656:
Dated letter of administrations to his son-in-law, Richard White.

Scales, John, History of Dover, New Hampshire: containing historical, genealogical and industrial data of its early settlers, their struggles and triumphs. (Dover, N.H.: Printed by authority of the City Councils, 1923), page 1. “Topographical Description of Hilton Point, The first permanent settlement in Dover and New Hampshire was commenced at what is now known as Dover Point, which for two centuries was called Hilton Point, and before that the Indians called it Wecannacohunt or Wecohamet. That settlement was begun in the spring of 1623 by Edward Hilton, William Hilton, Thomas Roberts and others, a small party whose names are not known. The Hilton’s were brothers: it is tradition that Mr. Roberts’ wife was a Hilton, sister to Edward and William. There is no record in regard to this matter of matrimony but various corroborating data indicate that such was probably the fact in the relationship of these three men.”

Nutfield Genealogy by Heather Wilkinson Rojo – Hilton Point, New Hampshire – Photo Friday



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