Sarah Collins (1839-1935)

Updated/Edited: 25 February 2015

I have not been able to verify everything on this page. Most of this was handed down to me by other family members. Teresa to Crystal means all first cousins between the eldest, Teresa, to the youngest, Crystal. 🙂

The early generations were found in The Collins Family, Patrick County, VA Heritage Book, Vol. 1, 1791-1999, (Patrick County Genealogical Society, Copyright 1999)


Children of Roger and Elizabeth (Furlong) Collings:
i. ANTHONY COLLINS, The Immigrant

First Generation in America
(Teresa to Crystal’s 7th Great-Grandfather)

1. ANTHONY J.¹ COLLINGS, The Immigrant (RogerA, ThomasB, AnthonyC, RogerD, ThomasE, RogerF, JohnG, ThomasH, JohnI) was born in Antony, Cornwall, England on 4 Jan 1678 and died in Charles County, Maryland on 18 Feb 1754. He married JANE LANCELOTT.

There were and still are a lot of “Collings” families in Cornwall and Devon, England.

Child of Anthony and Jane (Lancelott) Collins:
i. THOMAS² COLLINGS b. in Virginia in 1724

Second Generation
(Teresa to Crystal’s 6th Great-Grandfather)

2. THOMAS² COLLINGS (Anthony¹) was born in Goochland County (now Albemarle), Virginia in 1724 and died in Collinstown, Patrick County, Virginia in 1797. He married SUSANNAH WYATT in 1739.

Children of Thomas and Susannah (Wyatt) Collins:
i. THOMAS³ COLLINS b. 1746
ii. ROGER COLLINS b. 1749
iii. RICHARD COLLINS b. 1750

Third Generation
(Teresa to Crystal’s 5th Great-Grandfather)

3. THOMAS³ COLLINS (Thomas², Anthony¹) was born in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1746 and died in Patrick County, Virginia in 1791. He married MARY WALLACE.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Wallace) Collins:
i. ANTHONY4 COLLINS b. in Albemarle in 1765

Fourth Generation
(Teresa to Crystal’s 4th Great-Grandfather)

4. ANTHONY4 COLLINS (Thomas³Thomas², Anthony¹) was born in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1765 and died in Surry County, North Carolina in 1835. He married MARY ELIZABETH HARRISON. She was born about 1774 in North Carolina.

Children of Anthony and Mary Elizabeth (Harrison) Collins:

i.  Dr. WILLIAM K.5 COLLINS 11, b. 1789, Virginia; d. 1852, Surry County, NC
ii. Aaron COLLINS, b. about 1790; m. Peggy CAMBELL.
iii. Mary COLLINS, b. about 1793.
iv. Eve COLLINS, b. about 1797.
v. Obediah COLLINS, b. about 1803.
vi. John COLLINS, b. about 1806, North Carolina.
vii. Anthony COLLINS, Jr., b. about 1808

Fifth Generation
(Teresa to Crystal’s 3rd Great-Grandfather)

5. Dr. William K.5 COLLINS ( Anthony4, Thomas³, Thomas², Anthony¹), physician, born about 1789 in Virginia, and died in Surry County, North Carolina. He married Catherine Lillie TUCKER about 1815. She was born 1797 in Stokes, Stokes County, North Carolina, and died 1856 in East Tennessee. He served in the War of 1812. In the photo below it looks like he may be wearing his old military uniform.

William K. Collins (1795-1852). This photo was taken about 1850 and is in the possession of Don Reffalt, a distant cousin.

William K. Collins (1795-1852). This photo was taken about 1850 and is in the possession of Don Reffalt, a distant cousin.

Notes were edited by Rosemary Freeman, the G-G-Granddaughter of Anderson and Sarah Scott Collins: “The Battle of New Orleans, known today, as “the needless battle.” Unknown to each the British or American troops, due to the lack of communication, a treaty of peace had been signed in Belgium 15 days before. Under General Andrew Jackson, American troops “mowed down” about 1500 British soldiers that day. American losses were few. “Bill’s company was mustered out at Mobile, Al., after serving two years.” He and 6 of his comrades “were left there penniless, all suffering more or less from illness.” The young men started out on their long trip home on foot, with Bill carrying the heavy steelyards all the way.The weaker ones had to be carried on make-shift stretchers. Bare in mind that this was in January-mid-winter and they had more than 700 miles to go. Bill was heading back to Jonesville, NC–70 miles north of Charlotte, “as the crow flies”. Bill was one of only three of the seven who started that long trip home to survive and finally reach their homes. He was just 25 years old at that time. What must his thoughts have been as he watched his friends die, one by one, not in battle, but to illness and the elements? The pair of steelyards were presented to William from the hands of that illustrious soldier and stateman Andrew Jackson. He gave them to him as a means of defense, to slug the darkies who came up to interfere and also to weigh articles of food. They weighed everything used in the commissary department.” Found this for a “William Collin” noted in Camden Co, NC.

Children of Dr. William K. and Catherine Lillie (Tucker) Collins:

i.   Anderson COLLINS, (1820, NC-1880, NE), m. Sarah from Kentucky.
ii.  Dr. William COLLINS, ( -?), “Dentist” and residing in Meigs Co., TN on 22 Oct 1850.
iii. Dr. Enoch COLLINS, (1824, NC-1880, TN), “Physician”
iv. John COLLINS, (1826, NC-1829, NC), died very young.
v.  Mary COLLINS, (1828, NC-1895, KS), “School Teacher” m. Jessie KNIGHT.
vi. Dr. Lewis COLLINS, Captain, (1830, NC-1883, KS), Civil War Physician and Captain
vii.Dr. Richard COLLINS, (1833, NC-Apr 1895, KS), “Dentist”
viii.Dr. James COLLINS, (1836, NC-after 1900 in Kansas ), “Dentist” Civil War
ix. SARAH6 COLLINS 12, (1839, NC-1935, KS), m. Hezekiah Karr JACKSON.

Sixth Generation
(Teresa to Crystal’s 2nd Great-Grandmother)

6. SARAH6 COLLINS (William5, Anthony4, Thomas³, Thomas², Anthony¹) was born in Winston-Salem, Stokes County, North Carolina on 16 Apr 1839 [1900 Census says Dec 1838] and died in Barnard, Lincoln, Kansas on 4 Aug 1935  and was buried in Simpson, Mitchell, Kansas. She married in Meigs County, Tennessee on 4 Jan 1860, HEZEKIAH JACKSON.

It was probably in the years between 1652 and her marriage in 1660 that Sarah attended a girls seminary in Nashville, Tennessee.


A picture of a female seminary in, Nashville, Tennessee, which was used as barracks in March of 1862. (Library of Congress)

According to the 15 June 1900 US Federal Census, Sarah and Hezekiah had TEN children and they were all alive at that date, BUT according to the Barnard newspaper and obituary below, Sarah and Hezekiah had ELEVEN children. 🙂

1839: (1900 US Census says her birth date is Dec 1838)
16 April – Birth in Winston-Salem, Stokes County, North Carolina.
15 August – Age 11 – US Federal Census – Residing in South Division, Surry County, North Carolina with her family: Wm., Catherine, Lewis, Richard, James and Mary.
Between January 1852 and 15 April 1852 – Age 12 – she moved with her family to Cumberland County, Tennessee. Alternate information: After her father died, the family moved to Tennessee and Sarah lived with her brother Enoch Collins at the Pinhook Plantation, in what is now Calhoun, McMinn County, Tennessee.
4 January – Age 20 – Marriage to Hezekiah JACKSON in Meigs County, Tennessee.
December – Age 21 – Her first child Alexander was born in Tennessee. Alex’s birth month and year is on the 1900 US Federal Census.
1861 – 1862:
Between Oct 1861 and 11 June 1862 – Her first daughter, Mary Catherine Jackson was born in Tennessee.
1863 – 1864:
Between 12 June 1863 and 11 June 1864 – daughter Ida May Jackson was born in Tennessee.
1865 – 1866:
Between 12 June 1865 and 11 June 1866 – son William Tecumseh Sherman was born in Tennessee.
1868 – 1869:
Between 12 June 1868 and 11 June 1869 – daughter Minerva Jackson was born in Tennessee.
1870 – 1871:
Between 12 June 1870 and 11 June 1871 – daughter Tennessee was born in Tennessee.
March – Sarah and family moved to Kansas, settling on a farm one mile east of Simpson.
1872 – 1873:
Between 12 June 1872 and 11 June 1873 – daughter Emma was born in Kansas.
1876 – 1877:
Between 12 June 1876 and 11 June 1877 – daughter Delia JACKSON was born in Kansas. Name spelled “Adelia” on the 1880 census.
November – daughter Rose (Rosa) born in Solomon, Cloud, Kansas.
11 June – Age 41 – US Federal Census – Residing in Solomon, Cloud County, Kansas with her husband and children plus her older brother Richard Collins, the dentist, age 47.
August – Age 45 – son Lewis was born in Solomon, Cloud, Kansas.
June – Age 47 – daughter Jennie was born in Solomon, Cloud, Kansas.
15 June – Age 61 – US Federal Census – Residing in Solomon, Cloud, Kansas with Hezekiah and her son Lewis and daughter Jennie.
4 August – Died in Barnard, Lincoln, Kansas.
August – Buried in the Simpson Cemetery in Simpson, Mitchell, Kansas. Many of the Collins family is buried there including her brother Richard Collins, the dentist.

Sources and References Used:
Copied from Barnard Kansas newspaper [Barnard Bee?] [this was found at]:
“Sarah Collins Jackson was born near Winston-Salem, Yolkin [Stokes County in 1839] County, North Caroline, April 16, 1839 and died August 4, 1935 at the age of 96 years, 3 months and 18 days. When she was 12 years of age she moved with the family to Cumberland County, Tennessee. She was educated in a Girls Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1854 she was united in marriage to Hezekiah Jackson. To this union were born eleven children: Alec, Catherine, Ida, Sherman, Minerva, Tennessee, Emma, Delia, Rose, Lewis and Jennie. She was preceded in death in her husband, four daughters, and three sons. In March, 1872 the family came to Kansas, settling on a farm one mile east of Simpson. She lived there until 1910. From that time on she made there home with her children because of poor health. She was a quite unassuming woman who loved her home and family. She has endured untold hardships of pioneer days, always working for and thinking of others. Even when suffering it was with patience and in silence. Work never seemed to weary her. She was very competent and efficient and wil be remembered with gratitude by many. She lived a long and useful life, filled with good deeds and her example will be an inspiration to us all and we shall hove to remember her for many virtues and her kind and loveable personality. She greatly loved her Maker and has always looked forward to the time when she could be with him. Her memory remained perfect unto the end. Rev. J.H. Reynolds was in charge of the services and burial was made in Simpson Cemetery. Survivors of immediate family are Alec and Sherman Jackson of Barnard; Lewis of Simpson; Catherine Crawl and Delia Pepper of Barnard; Ida Drecian of Stockton and Emma Reffalt of Lingle, Wyoming.


In the passing of Mrs. Sarah Collins Jackson, more familiarly known to our leaders as Grandma Jackson as chronicled in last week’s issue, is recorded the closing of the life of a most remarkable woman.

While the editor of the Bee News had the pleasure of the acquaintance of Grandma Jackson, he can says with all truth and sincerity that in her passing, a good woman has gone to her reward; she has fought a good fight, she has kept the faith, henceforth there is laid up for her in heaven treasures truly merited.

Visualize with us the life of this good old grandmother. Traveling along like’s way, whether smooth or rough, for the greater part of a century, hers was a life full of varying events. She had her joys, her sorrows, her privation, her seasons of ample of this worlds goods and throughout it all she lived a life of patience, having kindness and helpfulness that would be well to emulate, and what a wonderful heritage she has left for her children, her 48 grand children, her 78 great grandchildren and he 9 great great grandchildren. A life close to the Master, a life lived in all it’s beauty and goodness in the many Christian acts she performed not only for her family but to countless others. And in such living she has her reward.

None can tell, save a mother of the great joys she experienced in the pleasures of life in the birth of the first born and succeeding children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren, or the worries or sorrows that burdened her heart and called for many hours of patient watching and care when illness of the death angel entered the various homes. Yet she was equal to all occasions for her faith was well founded and trusing in God she came out victorious.

Sadly as she is missed in the family circle solace is found in the knowledge that all is well with her and that she was joined the legion of the redeemed in the home of eternal.

Her memory will even be cherished by those who know her and her life will doubtless help many to live the fuller life that she had lived.

Note: After her father died, the family moved to TN and Sarah lived with her brother Enoch Collins at the Pin Hook Plantation, Megis [Meigs] County, TN.”


2 Responses to Sarah Collins (1839-1935)

  1. Donna Collings Davis says:

    I am a decedent of Anthony Collings. Born 1-4-1678 in Cornwall. His grandson, Thomas, Jr. had another son, Elijah who died in Washington Co. VA. That is my line. I have located graves for the next five generations although that was easy for 3 of those generstions . I would love to speak to you regarding Jane Lancelot. Please contact me at Thank you.
    Donna Davis

  2. Elizabeth Nixon says:

    Hi! I’m your cousin. I’m Sarah’s great great granddaughter. I’d love to talk to you. Please feel free to contact me.

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