Roork Ancestry

Updated/Edited: 17 Apr 2015

You have found one of two pages of my maternal ancestry through my mother’s father’s surname of Roork.

My Maternal Ancestral Surnames

Maternal ROORK Ancestry:

My Grandfather:
Claud Franklin Roork (OK, 1911 – NM, 2005) Irish
My Great-Grandparents:
Luster Maynard Roork (AR, 1879 – OK, 1953) Irish
Cora Alice Daugherty (MO, 1883 – NM, 1948) Irish
My 2nd Great-Grandparents:
Samuel Thomas Roork (AR, 1850 – OK, 1933) Irish
Amanda Melvina Moulder (TN, 1848 – NM, 1924) SwissGerman
Joseph S. Dougherty (IN, 1856 – OK, 1920) Irish
Anna Falina Dowden (1858-1930)
My 3rd Great-Grandparents:
John M. Roork (1816-1870) Irish
Phebe Mainard (1819-1893)
Samuel Molder (1801-1888)
Nancy Luster (1811-1899)
John Dougherty
Thomas Jefferson Dowden
Mary J. Birley


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