Rachel Fay SAMMON (1918-1993)

Updated/Edited: 17 May 2015
(Salmon, Sammon, Sammons)

Janet (Sammon) McLemore
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust

Rachel Faye (SAMMON) ROORK, born 3 May 1918, Iola, Grimes, Texas

This is the ancestry of Gran’s Grandmother Rachel Fay Sammon, beginning with her immigrant ancestor, James Salmon, born possibly in Ireland about 1675.

Rachel Fay Sammon

First Known Generation in America

1. JAMES¹ SALMON, possible Irish immigrant (not yet verified), was born c 1675 and he died in Isle of Wight County, Virginia on 18 Nov 1730 . He married MARY (_____). They had children as early as 1695 in Virginia. That would make James 20 years old at the birth of his first child. Maybe he was born before 1675?

Supposedly James was born in Ireland but I have yet to verify this. I am also looking for records to verify the following information:
“This data was originally posted on RootsWeb:
Descendants of James I Salmon
1 James I Salmon/ Sammons b: 1675 d: 22 Mar 1730 or 1731 in Isle of Wight Co. VA
.. +Mary b: 1675 m: Abt. 1693 d: Bef. 1730
….. 2 Anne Sammons b: Bef. 1695
……… +Robert Seat
….. 2 James II Sammons b: 1695 VA d: 1765 Sussex Co VA
……… +Phillis Avey/ Ivey b: 1709 m: VA d: 09 Dec 1765 VA
….. 2 Phillis Sammons b: 1697
….. 2 William Sammons b: 1700
….. 2 Mary Sammons b: 1702
….. 2 Thomas Sammons b: 1704
….. 2 John Sammons b: 1706
….. 2 Sarah Sammons b: 1708″

It is possible that this list of children above was created from the Will of James SALMON:
Page 240
I do make & ordain this to be my last will & testament.
ITEM I give unto my daughter Phyllis Salmon my horse bridle, and saddle
ITEM I give unto William Salmon one gun and two cows and my plantation.
ITEM I give unto my son James Salmon three iron pots and two cheses [chests?] and carpenters tools
and a set of wedges and a pair of fire dogs and all my clothes.
ITEM I give to Mary Salmon one feather bed and furniture.
ITEM I give to John Salmon two cows and a mare and her increase to be divided amongst the children.
ITEM I give to James Salmon Junior two cows. [James SAMMONS, Jr. had a son James born about 1724, he would be about six years old.]
ITEM I give to Sarah Salmon one feather bed.
ITEM I give to John Bass two cows.
I do appoint my son James Salmon the sole Executor of this my last will & testament, as Witness my
hand this 10th day of November 1730.
Witnesses: John Dortich & John Bass.
James (his X mark) Salmon [He could not sign his name.]

At a court held for Isle of Wight County the 22nd day of March 1730/31, the last will and testament of James Salmon, deceased, was presented in court by the executor therein named and being proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto is admitted to record. Test. James Ingles Clk.

Isle of Wight County
Will Book 3, Page 258
A true and perfect inventory & appraisement of the Estate of James Salmon deceased taken and appointed by the subscribers are underwritten this 19th day of April in the year 1731.

2 stears Lb. 1.15.0
2 stears 1.2.0
3 heifers 2.2.0
6 cows and year old 7.10.0
1 horse and bell 4.0.0
one set of sparrow teeth 0.5.0
one set of carpenters tools 0.10.6
one suit of cloths & lott of iron wedges 4.5.0
one suit of cloths 1.10.0
one piece of tiching 0.12.0
1 piece of drugget and triming 0.13.4
1 hat & neehcloth 0.3.6
1 parcel old pewter 0.12.6
1 feather bed & furniture 4.0.0
1 gun 1.0.0
1 parcel of tools 0.7.3
2 cows 2.4.6
2 cows & calves 1.15.0
1 mare 1.5.0
3 hoggs 1.5.0
1 old bed and bolster 1.15.0
3 glass bottles 0.1.0
1 table 0.12.6
2 cheses 0.12.6
1 tankard and 2 candlesticks 0.5.6
1 iron pessle and fire tongs 0.6.9
1 pair of pot racks 0.4.0
1 cain 0.4.0
1 pair of andirons 2.8.9
3 iron potts 1.15.0
1 old saddle & bridle 0.1.6
Owen Myrrick Due to the Estate 0.10.9
Mr. Kinchin Due to the Estate 1.10.0
2 chairs 0.2.6
2 new pewter dishes 0.5.6
Owen (His X mark) Merrick, Timothy Thorp, John Thorp

At a court held for Isle of Wight County the 26 day of April 1731 – The above appraisement of the Estate of James Salmon deceased was presented in Court by the executor and, it is admitted to record. Test. James Ingles Clk.

Leg: daughter, Phillis
To William SALMON
to Mary SALMON
to Thomas SALMON
to John SALMON
to Sarah SALMON
to John BASS
Ex: son James SALMON.
Dated November 18, 1730.
Recorded March 22, 1730/1731.”

Children of James and Mary (_____) Salmon:
i.      ANNE² SAMMONS b. in VA or ? bef. 1695, m. ROBERT SEAT [not sure if Anne is
ii.     JAMES² SAMMON, II (or Jr.), born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, c 1695;
    died 1765 in Sussex County, Virginia.
iii.    PHILLIS SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1697
iv.    WILLIAM SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1700
v.     MARY SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1702
vi.    THOMAS SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1704
vii.   JOHN SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1706
viii. SARAH SAMMON, born in Virginia in 1708

Second Generation

2. JAMES² SAMMONS, II (or Jr.), (James¹) was born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, about 1695; he died in Sussex County, Virginia in 1765. He married in Brunswick County, Virginia in 1724, PHILLIS AVEY/IVEY.

Children of James and Phillis (Avey) Sammons, all born in Virginia:
i.     JAMES³ SAMMONS, III (or Jr.), born about 1724?
ii.    WILLIAM³ SAMMONS, b. in Brunswick County, Virginia in 1725 , d. 1804 in
      Greenville County, South Carolina.
iii.  AVEY SAMMONS, b 1727 in Sussex County
iv.  JOHN SAMMONS, b 1730; m. Lucretia “Lucy” SEAT; died 1766 in Sussex Co., VA.
v.   THOMAS SAMMONS, b 1733; m. Mary WOOD; died 1792
vi.  SARAH SAMMONS, b 1735
vii. MARY SAMMONS, b 1737
viii. PHILLIS SAMMONS, b 1739

Third Generation

3. WILLIAM³ SAMMONS (James², James¹), born in Brunswick County, Virginia in 1725 and died in Greenville County, South Carolina after 5 August 1804. He married twice. Probable first wife was ANNIS COMER. She was most likely the mother of his first children. His second wife is REBECCA AVEY and she was not born until 1731 (died 1762) so she would most likely not be the mother of John Sammons born 1745.

Probable children of William Sammons: (he had SIX children according to the will):
i. JOHN4 SAMMON, born in Virginia about 1750 and died in the Greenville District, South Carolina in 1812: Executor of Will.
ii. ELIZABETH4 SAMMONS, married Mr. BRUCE; relinquished land inheritance to George SAMMONS for sum of $85.00.
iii. GEORGE4 SAMMONS, mentioned in will, he bought Elizabeth’s share of land for $85.00.
Other names in will:
Hannah Dillingham??
Thomas last name not legible?

The Will of William SAMMONS:
Administration File 7-8
August 5, 1804
In the name of God, amen, I William Sammons being weak of body but sound of mind, etc. etc. Do make etc. Etc.
Item, I give to my grandson Henry Grady [must be son of a daughter?] 50 acres of land lying {illegible} Halifax County, Virginia.
Item. I desire that my negro fellow Gilherd be sold at 12 mos. Credit and with money arising from this sale to be divided between the children of Daniel and Samuel Comer [how related to Annis COMER?]. I desire that all money coming to me be carefully collected and my just debts be paid. I desire that all my estate not mentioned in my will be sold at 12 mos. Credit and the money from {illegible} arising from such sale with the money collected be divided into eight parts and to be divided between my children and such child as has not had land given them by me to draw two such parts. And lastly I nominate my son John Sammons to execute this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of Aug. 1804.

WILLIAM (X) SAMMON [did not or could not write his name]

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of Thos. {Illegible} _____, Walker Sammon [ his grandson born to son John 1775], David MacDaniel [how related?], Jno. Sammons.

When the will was taken to probate, Walker Salmon and David McDaniel said they heard William Salmon {illegible} and pronounce the same to be his last will and testament. John Salmon swears he saw the deceased sign the same, the other two only heard him declare that this was his last will and testament and that the said deceased appeared to them to be of sound mind, memory and understanding when they heard him pronounce it was his will. But the other witness (to wit) John Salmon says he thinks he had not much mind, memory and understanding—that this will was subscribed in presence of the testator (only by John Salmon) and published in the presence of all three of said witnesses. Sworn before me on the day and the year [no date given], John Gun(?).

Reasons given by John Sammon why the testator had not sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding.

First, this will materially differs from others by said testator made.

Secondly, this will directs that the estate be divided into 8 parts and there is but 6 Legatees or their representatives. This will says “That child who had no land given to it to draw 2 such parts.” There is only one who did not receive land and money was given for that one to buy land.

[Same microfilm]: Halifax County, State of Virginia, March the 2nd, 1805. Got $2.00 from George Salmon against a part of the estate of Wm. Sammon and gave George Salmon rights, etc. Jonathan Grady.

It was witnessed by William Hall and Robt. Terry J.P.

[Same microfilm]: Elizabeth Bruce of Greenville and George Salmon. George Salmon paid her $85. And she gave up any right to any share of the estate of her father William Sammon of the County of Halifax, State of Virginia. Elizabeth (X) Bruce.

Witnesses: Polley Young [his granddaughter through son John born 1775], Hannah Dillingham, Elizabeth (X) Wood.

Fourth Generation
(Gran’s 5th Great-Grandfather)

4. John4 SAMMONS, (William³, James², James¹) was born in Virginia about 1750 and died in the Green District, South Carolina in 1812. He married in Nottoway, Nottoway, Virginia in 1792, ELIZABETH “BETTY” WALKER.

According to the “Heads of Families at the first U.S. Census. VA. By the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, 1908. (189p.): 60” there was a John Sammons born in 1750 in Virginia.

1775-1783 – American Revolutionary War Rolls – “John Sammons” “Private” “Roll Box 113 and Roll State VA”

Age 33 – In 1783 a John Sammons was on a tax list in Blackwell Precinct, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
William E. SAMMON

John Sammon will 1812

Children of John and Elizabeth (Walker) Sammon: (Still need lots of research on these children.)
i.      SUSANNA SAMMON born in 1767 and died in 1844.
ii.    EDWARD SAMMON born in 1769.
iii.   RICHARD SAMMON was born in Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Virginia on 18 Feb 1771.
iv.   SARAH “SALLY” SAMMON was born in 1773
v.    MARY SAMMON was born in 1774 and died in Greenville District, South Carolina on 3 Aug 1847.
vi.   WALKER SAMMON was born in Amelia County, Virginia in 1775 and died in Travelers Rest, Greenville County, South Carolina.
vii.  NANCY SAMMON was born Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Virginia on 5 Oct 1777 and died in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on 15 May 1855.
viii.  JANE “JANEY” SAMMON born in Virginia in 1777 (TWIN???)
ix.    JOHN B. SAMMON was born in Caswell County, South Carolina and died in Gwinett County, Georgia on 12 Sep 1850.
x.     PATSY SAMMON was born in Virginia and died in Greenville County after 1812.
xi.    BARBARA WILLIAMS SAMMON born in Greenville County, South Carolina about 1784 and died in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana on 1 Jan 1869. She married ROBERT BURWELL MOORE.
xii.   WILLIAM E. SAMMON was born in Virginia on 18 Jul 1786 and died in Texas after 1850.

Fifth Generation

5. William E.5 SAMMON, (John4, William³, James², James¹)

Birth Research:
Based on him being 65 years old on the 16 Nov 1850 US Census taken in Rusk, Rusk County, Texas, William was born between 17 Nov 1784 and 16 Nov 1785.  The 1850 US Census also reveals that his birthplace was South Carolina, possibly the Greenville District/County where his grandfather and father died.

Marriage Research:
Based on the US Census records it appears that William was probably married twice. William born in about 1785 would have been of marriageable age in about 1806. The 1820 US Census finds William “E” Sammon  on the 7th of August as a head of household which includes one female between the age of 26 and 44 (presumably his wife) and another female aged 45 years and or older (elderly mother or mother in law?). There are four children under the age of ten, two boys and two girls. This would put the four children being born sometime between 8 Aug 1810 and 7 Aug 1820. Sometime after the 1840 US Census William married “Laura.” She is only 50 on the 16 Nov 1850 US Census in Rusk, Rusk County, Texas, that would make her birth date close to 1800, making her too young to be the female on the 1820 and 1840 census with William. The 1850 census also reveals that Laura was born in South Carolina.

7 Aug 1820 US Census in Greenville, South Carolina:
1-male, 26-44, William Sammon, [35 years]
2-males, under 10, John L. Sammon [7 years] and one son unknown
1-female, 45 and over, possible mother or mother-in-law?
1-female, 26-44, Wife
2-females, under 10, two daughters

1840 US Census in Lawrence County, Alabama:
William Sammons, 1-male 50-59, [age 55]
1-male 15-19, Edward Sammons, [age 15]
1-male 10-14, Edwin Sammons, [age10]
1-male 5-9, Theodore Sammons, [age 7]
1-male under 5, Thomas Sammons, [age 3]
1-female 10-14, [Unknown daughter]
1-female 50-59, [William’s wife, not Laura, she would be about 40 years old]

16 Nov 1850 US Census in Rusk, Rusk County, Texas:
Household Number 847:
John L. Sammons, 37, SC, born before 16 Nov 1813 [possible child of Wm. and 1st wife?]
Martha Sammons, 27, Alabama, born before 16 Nov 1823
Laura Sammons, 6, Alabama, born before 16 Nov 1844 [named after William’s 2nd wife?]
William Sammons, 2, Texas born before 16 Nov 1848 [named after Grandpa William?]
Edwin Sammons, 20, farmer, South Carolina, born before 16 Nov 1830 [prob. son of Wm.]

Household Number 848:
William Sammons, 65, SC, born before 16 Nov 1785
Laura Sammons, 50, SC, born before 16 Nov 1800 [not in 1820 or 1840 census!]
Theodore Sammons, 17, SC, born before 16 Nov 1833
Thomas Sammons, 13, SC, born before 16 Nov 1837 [still in South Carolina in 1836-1837]

Household Number 849:
Edward Sammons, 25, SC, born before 16 Nov 1825
Frances Sammons, 18, Alabama, born before 16 Nov 1832

William and Laura Sammon seem to be the patriarch and matriarch of these three households. Looking at the census records most likely William had SIX sons, maybe all by a first wife, and not Laura (b1800), whom is still unknown. I think FIVE of William’s sons traveled with him from South Carolina to Alabama where two of them picked up wives and then all moved on to Rusk County, Texas. These FIVE sons are John L., Edward, Edwin, Theodore and Thomas. Looking at the birth dates and places it appears that family may have migrated from the Greenville District/County of South Carolina after the birth of Thomas to Alabama where they were in the 1840 US Census. They moved on to Rusk County, Texas by 16 Nov 1850. William and Laura were still living and heads of a household in the 16 Nov 1850 US Census in Rusk, Rusk County, Texas.

Children of William E. SAMMON and possibly LAURA (_____) (if born earlier than 1800) otherwise unknown, all born in South Carolina, probably Greenville County:
i. JOHN L.6 SAMMON, born between 17 Nov 1812 and 17 Nov 1813
ii. EDWARD W.6 SAMMON, born between 17 Nov 1824 and 17 Nov 1825
iii. EDWIN SAMMON, born between 17 Nov 1829 and 17 Nov 1830
iv. THEODORE SAMMON, born between 17 Nov 1832 to 17 Nov 1833
v. THOMAS SAMMON, born between 17 Nov 1836-17 Nov 1837.

Sixth Generation

6. EDWARD W.6 SAMMON, (William E.5, John4, William³, James², James¹) was born in South Carolina, probably Greenville County before 16 Nov 1825. He married in Lawrence County, Alabama on 3 Feb 1850, FRANCES ELIZABETH TERRILL.

By 16 Nov 1850 they were in residence at Rusk, Rusk County, Texas. They had at least FIVE children.

Children of Edward W. and Frances Elizabeth (Terrill) Sammon:
i.    JULIUS JABUS7 SAMMON, b in Rusk County, Texas in 1851
ii.   WILLIAM T.7 SAMMON, b in Rusk County, Texas in 1854
iii. JOHN EDWARD7 SALMON, b in Rusk County, Texas in 1856
iv.  FRANCES T. “Fannie” SAMMON, b in Rusk County, Texas in 1861
v.  MARY W. SAMMON, b 1865 in Rusk County, Texas

Seventh Generation

7. JOHN EDWARD7 SALMON, (Edward6, Wm. E.5, John4, Wm.³, James², James¹) was born in Rusk County, Texas in 1856. He married, first,  MARGARET ELIZABETH BENNETT, and with her had FIVE children. He then married THREE different times! Maybe in this order: Emma Seapoul, Ada Belle (Manning) Crenshaw (widow), and then Mary Catherine Terry. I am still working on the dates and order of the last three marriages. I also think that the name should either be Salmon or Sammon but not plural Sammons.

85effaaf-076c-4ceb-8d9b-eb1fb0ef6858John Edward Sammon c1892

Children of John Edward and Margaret Elizabeth (Bennett) Sammon:
ii.  JOHN ELLIS8 SAMMON b. in Grimes County, Texas on 23 Jan 1881.

Eighth Generation

8. JOHN ELLIS8 SAMMONS, (John E.7, Edward6, Wm. E.5, John4, Wm.³, James², James¹) aka “Ellis” SAMMON, was born in Grimes County, Texas on 23 Jan 1881 and died in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma on 5 Apr 1961. He married, first, in Grimes County, Texas on 31 Jul 1902, LILLIAN PRISCILLA DAVIS.

Children of John Ellis and Lillian Priscilla (Davis) Sammons:
i.    BRADY DOWARD9 SAMMON was born near Keith, Grimes County, Texas on 8 Jun 1905 and died in Dallas, Dallas, Texas in 1968.
ii.   HOLLIE DAVIS SAMMON was born in Texas about 1907 and died in Shreveport, Louisiana on 26 Apr 1947.
iii.  JOSIE W. SAMMON b. Texas in 1910 and died before 1920 US Census?
iv.  OPAL SAMMON b. in Texas about 1913
v.   FLOSSIE SAMMON b. in Texas about 1916
vi. RACHEL FAY9 SAMMON b. in Iola, Grimes, Texas on 3 May 1918.
vii. ADELL ERNEST SAMMON b. Iola on 24 Sep 1920

Ninth Generation

9. RACHEL FAY9 SAMMON, (John E.8, John E.7, Edward6, Wm. E.5, John4, Wm.³, James², James¹) was born in Iola, Grimes County, Texas on 3 May 1881 (her mother’s 37th birthday) and was the sixth child and fourth daughter of John Ellis SAMMON and Lillian Priscilla DAVIS.  On the 30th of January on the 1920 US Federal Census, the family is living in Keith, Grimes, Texas. It does make me wonder if the family actually moved or maybe they were living in Keith when she was born in Iola, possibly at another relative’s home or where there was a midwife or doctor?

Sammon Siblings: Grimes County, Texas, c1925, L-R: Flossie, Adell, Opal, and Rachel Sammon

Sammon Siblings: Grimes County, Texas, c1925, L-R: Flossie, Adell, Opal, and Rachel Sammon

Rachel Fay Sammon about 1930??

Rachel Fay Sammon about 1933? Age 15? Texas

Brady Doward SammonMy Grandmother’s eldest brother, Brady Doward Sammon, who was born near Keith, Grimes County, Texas on 8 Jun 1905 and died in Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Dallas  County, Texas on 12 May 1968.


Left to right: Lillian Priscilla (Davis) Sammon, Hollie Davis Sammon, Adell Earnest Sammon, and Flossie (Sammon) Vandiver.

Miscellaneous Salmon/Sammons Records


7 Responses to Rachel Fay SAMMON (1918-1993)

  1. Janet McLemore says:

    Hi, good job! I have a question: Did Rachel die in 1993 or 1995? You have it listed both ways on your site. Thanks, your cousin Janet

  2. 1993! Thanks for noting that and letting me know! Don’t hesitate to correct me. 🙂

  3. Kimberly Aston says:

    Hello. I have researching the Sammon part of my ancestry for a long time. My gg-Grandfather was William Ellis Sammon. I have been given to understand his parents were Edward William Sammon and Frances E. Terrill. Do you have information that confirms this and that W.E. Sammon was a brother to your ancestor, John Edward Sammon? Thank you so much.

    • Hi, I do have a William T. Sammon as a brother to my John Edward Sammon. William T. Sammon (the “T” may be for Terrill) was born about 1853/4 possibly in Rusk, Texas. In the 1860 and 1870 US Census he is in Rusk , Texas with his parents Edward W. Sammon and Frances Elizabeth Terrill. By 1880 he is married to Sarah. William T. is my 2nd great grand uncle. 🙂

    • Janet McLemore says:

      Hi, William Ellis Sammon was a nephew of Edward William Sammon and a cousin of John Edward Sammon. I have a little info on him, if you contact me I would love to compare notes with you. Hope this helps! Janet McLemore

  4. Janet McLemore says:

    The bottom picture is (L-R) Lillian Priscilla Sammon, Hollie Davis Sammon, Adell Earnest Sammon, Flossie (Sammon) Vandiver

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