My Maternal Ancestral Surnames (Brad)

Updated/Edited: 27 Jan 2015

My Maternal Grandfathers and Grandmothers
(My Mom’s Side of the Family)


WILLIAM J. D. BOOTHBY was born about 1835 in Ohio. He was a school teacher. He married REBECCA JANE SMITH.; their son…JOHN AUGUSTUS BOOTHBY was born in Brown County, Ohio in Oct 1861 and he died in Kansas. He married LENORA ANN MILLER.; their daughter…NELLIE OLIVE BOOTHBY was born in Baylis, Illinois on 27 Sep 1891 and died in Redwood City, California in 1993. She married ALFRED GEORGE PAGET.




MARY CALL was born


JETHRO COFFIN; his daughter… PRISCILLA COFFIN was born in Nantucket, Essex, Mass. on 26 Dec 1691. She married JOHN GARDNER.

NANCY CROSBY was born in Nova Scotia in 1806 and died in NS in 1902.

JOHN CROWELL was born about 1640; his son…JOHN CROWELL was born in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1662 and died in Yarmouth on 15 Oct 1728. He married in Yarmouth on 27 May 1684, BETHIA SEARS.; their son…PAUL CROWELL was born in Yarmouth on 10 Apr 1687 and died in Mass. on 11 Oct 1765. He married ELIZABETH HALLETT.

DAVID: Origin –
SUSANNAH DAVID was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia about 1775. She married in Shenandoah, Virginia on 7 Sep 1793, DARBY DOWNEY.



DOWNEY: Ireland
DARBY DOWNEY, born about 1750 and died in 1832. He married in Shenandoah, Virginia on 7 Sep 1793, SUSANNAH DAVID.; their daughter…SUSANNAH DOWNEY, was born in Shenandoah, Virginia in 1797 and died in Warren County, Ohio.

EDWARD FRENCH was born about 1610; his daughter…HANNAH FRENCH was born in Massachusetts about 1640. She married JOHN WHITE.

GARDNER: England
THOMAS GARDNER, immigrant ancestor; his son…JOHN GARDNER “1st in Nantucket” was born in Essex County, Massachusetts in 1624 and died in Mass. in 6 May 1706, and was buried in Nantucket County, Mass. He married PRISCILLA GRAFTON; their son…JOHN GARDNER was born in 1653 and died in Nantucket, Mass.. He married SUSANNA GREENE.; their son…JOHN GARDNER was born in Massachusetts about 1680 and in Nantucket, Mass. on 6 Apr 1759. He married PRISCILLA COFFIN.; their daughter…SUSANNA GARDNER was born in Nantucket, Mass. about 1707. She married TIMOTHY WHITE.


GOODALE: England
ANN GOODALE was born in Norfolk, England about 1608 and immigrated to Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1636. She married EDWARD FRENCH.


GRAFTON: England
JOSEPH GRAFTON was born in Wiltshire, England about 1596. He married MARY MOORE; their daughter…PRISCILLA GRAFTON was born  in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts in 1626. She married JOHN GARDNER.



HILTON: England
See: Descendants of William Hilton at Roots web

MARY LEE was born in Massachusetts in 1742.

MILLER: Origin –
ABRAHAM MILLER was born in Woodstock, Shenandoah, Virginia in 1792 and died in Warren County, Ohio in 1852. He married SUSANNAH DOWNEY on 30 Jul 1817.; their son… GEORGE WASHINGTON MILLER was born in Brown County, Ohio on 12 Jan 1826 and he died in Baylis, Pike County, Illinois on 14 Jul 1920. He married Mary Alice REED.; their daughter…LENORA ANN MILLER was born in Morrelville, Brown County, Illinois on 9 Dec 1863 and she died in Osawatomie, Kansas on 10 Oct 1931. She married JOHN AUGUSTUS BOOTHBY.

MOORE: England
THOMAS MOORE born 1574 in England; his daughter… MARY MOORE was born in 1600 and died in 1674.

PAGET: Yorkshire, England
JOHN GEORGE PAGET was born in Yorkshire, England; his son…JOHN GEORGE PAGET was born in Yorkshire, England; his son…FREDERICK WILLIAM PAGET was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on 15 Jul 1858 and died in Nova Scotia, Canada.; his son…ALFRED GEORGE PAGET was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on 18 Oct 1887 and died in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California in 1927. He married NELLIE OLIVE BOOTHBY.



CORNELIUS ROGERS; his daughter…HANNAH ROGERS was born in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on 21 Oct 1772 and died in Nova Scotia on 26 Nov 1866.







TREWORTHY: Devon, England
ELIZABETH TREWORTHY was born in Kingswear, Devon, England on 8 Sep 1639 and died on 8 Sep 1719. She married JOHN GILMAN.


WHITE: England
WILLIAM WHITE was born in England in 1610 and died in Massachusetts in 1690; his son…JOHN WHITE was born in Mass. in 1639 and died in Mass. in 1668; his son… JOHN WHITE, ESQUIRE was born in Mass. in 1663 and died in Mass. in 1727; his son…TIMOTHY WHITE was born in Mass. in 1700 and died in Mass. in 1765; his son…JOHN WHITE  was born in Mass. in 1740 and died in Mass. in 1795; his son… ANDREW CRAIGIE WHITE was born in 1795 and died in Canada in 1884.; his son…ALFRED KIMBALL WHITE was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1841 and died in NS in 1922; his daughter…ELIZA MAUDE WHITE was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1866 and died in California, USA in 1943. She married FREDERICK WILLIAM PAGET.
See: Desc. of Wm. White of Haverhill, Massachusetts.


WILLIAM WRIGHT was born in Wortley, Yorkshire, England in 1808; his daughter…ELIZABETH WRIGHT was born in Yorkshire, England in 1832. She married in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1856, JOHN GEORGE PAGET.


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