Hamilton/Pepper Ancestry

Updated/Edited: 22 Apr 2015

You have found one of the pages of my paternal ancestry through my father’s father’s Hamilton/Pepper surname.
This page is dedicated to my dad, John Wesley Keith Pepper, who never tired of telling us his family stories! I will always love you and miss you Dad! XXOO

My Paternal Ancestral Surnames

Paternal HAMILTON/PEPPER Ancestry:

My Grandfather:
John Prouty Pepper (1908-2008) Scottish (My Grandfather)

My Great-Grandparents:
George Warriner Pepper (1872 – 1930) Scottish (My Great-Grandfather)
Delia Bridget Jackson (1877-1972) English (My Great-Grandmother)

My 2nd Great-Grandparents:
John Prouty Pepper (1833-1904) Scottish (My Great-Great-Grandfather)
Janette Strickland (1839-1917) English (My Great-Great-Grandmother)
Hezekiah Karr Jackson (1837-1901) (My Great-Great-Grandfather)
Sarah Collins (1839-1935) English (My Great-Great-Grandmother)

My 3rd Great-Grandparents:
Porter Pepper (1811-1864) Scottish (My 3rd Great-Grandfather)
Persis Elvira Dearth (1807-1870) English (My 3rd Great-Grandmother)
John Strickland (1802-1884) English (My 3rd Great-Grandfather)
Betsey Brooks (1801-1874) English (My 3rd Great-Grandmother)
William Franklin Jackson (1803-1853) (My 3rd Great-Grandfather)
Minervy Brown (1805-1886)  (My 3rd Great-Grandmother)
William K. Collins (1795-1852) English (My 3rd Great-Grandfather)
Catherine Tucker (1796-1856) (My 3rd Great-Grandmother)

My 4th Great-Grandparents:
Naomi Needham ( 1762-1844  ) English (4th Great-Grandmother)

My 5th Great-Grandparents:

My 6th Great-Grandparents:
Mary Moulton (1702-1790) English (6th Great-Grandmother)

My 7th Great-Grandparents:
Sarah Pope (1683-1756) English (My 7th Great-Grandmother)

My 8th Great-Grandmother:
Ann Potter (Ireland 1630 – Mass. 1695) English/Irish (My 8th Great-Grandmother)

Our Cousin Prince William Duke of Cambridge Connection Chart


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