Elizabeth Ann Hilton (1840-1895)

Updated/Edited: 15 December 2015

This is the ancestry of Bruce and Brad’s 2nd Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Ann Hilton, starting with their 10th Great-Grandfather William Hilton of Cheshire County, England.

(Elizabeth Ann Hilton is Aidan, Ashley and Haley’s 4th great-grandmother and William¹ Hilton is their 12th great-grandfather from England.)

Last Generation in England

A. MARK “ROGER”A HILTON, was baptised in Northwich, Cheshire, England about 1560 and died in Witton-cum-Twambrook about 1605 . (Possibly the chapelry of Witton in the township of Witton-cum-Twambrook in the ancient parish of Great Budworth (much later to be known as Northwich) in Cheshire County, England.) He married in England about 1580, ELLEN MAINWARING.

Only about five of their children survived childhood.

Children of (Mark) Roger and Ellen (Mainwaring) Hilton:
i.    RICHARD HILTON, also went to Piscataqua.
iv. WILLIAM¹ HILTON, baptized about 1591, based on estimated date of marriage.
v.  EDWARD¹ HILTON, born about 1594, also went to Piscataqua and settled Hilton’s Point which became Dover, New Hampshire.

First Generation in the New World

1. William¹ HILTON (WilliamA), was baptized probably in the chapelry of Witton in the township of Witton-cum-Twambrook in the ancient parish of Great Budworth in Cheshire County, England about 1591 (based on estimated date of marriage).

734px-St_Mary_and_All_Saints_Church,_Great_Budworth_exteriorView of St Mary and All Saints Church, Great Budworth, showing the church, lych gate and stocks.

William¹ Hilton married in Northwich, England by 1616, first, Name Unknown, and had three children there. Some records have her name as “Mary.”

William¹ Hilton immigrated, without his family, from London, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 on the sailing ship, Fortune. His wife and two children followed later.

” In a letter written in November 1621, soon after his arrival at Plymouth, and published the following year by Captain John Smith, William Hilton wrote to a cousin in England saying “Our company are for the most part very religious honest people, the word of God sincerely taught us every Sabbath, so that I know not anything a contented mind can here want. I desire your friendly care to send my wife and children to me, where I wish all the friends I have in England…” [Philip L. Barbour, ed., The Complete Works of Captain John Smith (1580-1631) in Three Volumes (Williamsburg, Virginia: 1986), 430-431; Young’s Pilgrim Fathers 250-51; NEHGR 31:179].” [See Below]

William’s wife and two children (son William² and daughter Mary²) arrived in 1623.

In 1623, William is also with his brother Edward establishing Hilton’s Point which later became Dover, New Hampshire, the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire.

From Wikipedia:
“Settled in 1623 as Hilton’s Point by brothers William¹ and Edward¹ Hilton, London fishmongers,[3] Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire, and the seventh oldest in the United States. It is one of the colony’s four original townships, and once included DurhamMadburyNewington and Lee. It also included Somersworth andRollinsford, together which Indians called Newichawannock after the Newichawannock River, now known as the Salmon Falls River. The Hiltons’ name survives today at Hilton Park on Dover Point, located where they landed near the confluence of the Cochecho and Bellamy rivers with the Piscataqua. They had been sent from London by The Company of Laconia, which intended to establish a colony andfishery around the Piscataqua. In 1631, however, it contained only three houses. In 1633, the Plantation of Cochecho was bought by a group of English Puritans who planned to settle in New England, including Viscount Saye and SeleBaron Brooke and John Pym. They promoted colonization in America, and that year Hilton’s Point was the arrival point of numerous immigrant pioneers, many from Bristol. They renamed the settlement Bristol. Atop the nearby hill, the settlers built a meeting house, surrounded by an entrenchment, to the east of which they built a jail.”

In 1624 William is in Plymouth again (where he must have left his pregnant wife and two children while establishing a residence for them in the wilderness on the Piscataqua River) to attend the birth of his child. William then became involved in a religious controversy surrounding the Rev. John Lyford in Plymouth when, “the first occasion of quarrel with them was, the baptizing of Mr. Hilton’s child, who was not joined to the church at Plymouth” [See Below]”

Based on my research, it is my belief that because our grandfather William¹ Hilton was an Anglican and he chose to have his newborn child baptized by the only ordained Church of England minister, the Rev. John Lyford. It does appear that the Rev. John Lyford was mostly like a rake and a scoundrel, but he was the only ORDAINED minister of the Anglican persuasion in New England at the time.
[See the following.]

More about the Rev. John Lyford and William HILTON at Geni. com: “A second group arrived at Nantascot, from Plimoth Plantation, but, unlike the Pilgrims, they were not Separatists. These included the Rev. John Lyford, John Oldham, Roger Conant, William¹ Hilton and others, with their families. John Lyford, born about 1574, was educated for the ministry at Magdalen College, Oxford. He came on the ‘Charity of London’ in 1624, at the expense of the Merchant Company, bringing with him from Loughall, Armagh, Ireland, his wife, Sarah, and at least three children, Obadiah, Mordecai and Ruth. The Pilgrims, who had been without a minister several years, welcomed him. However, when he baptized William Hilton’s child by Anglican rite, and when he wrote critical letters back to England which were intercepted by Gov. Bradford, he was tried and ordered banished, then forgiven, but finally expelled. A concise acount of him is found in Eugene Stratton’s ‘Plymouth Colony, Its History and People’ (Salt Lake City, 1986, p. 322).”

He came on the ‘Charity of London’ in 1624, at the expense of the Merchant Company, bringing with him from Loughall, Armagh, Ireland, his wife, Sarah, and at least three children, Obadiah, Mordecai and Ruth.

“Sometime before 1639 William¹ Hilton had participated in an exploratory expedition up the Merrimack.” [See Below The Great Migration Begins]

On June 1648 “Mr. William¹ Hilton being licensed for to keep the ordinary at the mouth of the river of Pascataquack [Piscataqua]”
[See Below The Great Migration Begins]

William¹ Hilton died between June 1655 and 30 June 1656 in Kittery, York, Maine.

I’ve included the following copies of pages from:
Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, Volumes 1-3; The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volumes 1-6. Boston: New England Historical and Genealogical Society, 1996-2011.:

Even though I believe there are some errors contained within them. They give a good general overview of what the early records hold. I do not believe that William Hilton had TWO sons given the name of William from two marriages. I have seen copies of the birth records from the town records of Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts which show that there was a single William Hilton family with five children born there from 1641 to 1653 which includes the William Hilton born 28 Jun 1653.

William Hilton Immigrant

William Hilton Immigrant 3

William Hilton Immigrant 4

William Hilton Immigrant 5

William Hilton Immigrant 6

In the above papers are recorded, regarding the children of William Hilton, the Immigrant:

ii     William² [William¹], bp. Northwich 22 June 1617; m. (1) by 1641 Sarah Greenleaf, daughter of Edmund Greenleaf (eldest child b. Newbury June 1641; in his will of 22 December 1668 Edmund Greenleaf made a bequest to “my grandchild Elizabeth Hilton” [Pillsbury Anc 590, citing SPR 7:112]); m. (2) Charlestown 16 September 1659 Mehitable Nowell [ChVR 1:38], daughter of Increase Nowell. (See NEHGR 124:88-108 for his activities as an explorer.)

It also contains the following regarding a second son also named William being born to our immigrant ancestor’s second wife, Frances:

viii     WILLIAM  [William 1], b. about 1653 (age twenty-four December 1677 [GDMNH 336, citing unknown source]); m. by 1678 Ann___[GDMNH 336, 531].

Children of William¹ HILTON and Unknown Name:

i.   ELIZABETH HILTON, bp. Northwich 27 June 1616; bur. there 1 August 1616.
ii.  WILLIAM² HILTON, bp. Northwich 22 June 1617; m. by 1641 SARAH GREENLEAF.
iii. MARY HILTON, bp. Northwich 11 May 1619
iv. JOHN HILTON, bp. about 1624 in Plymouth

At this time I think that our immigrant ancestor, William¹ HILTON (the immigrant) had ONLY ONE son, named William², baptized 22 June 1617 in England and this William had a son William³ born 28 June 1653 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Second Generation

2. WILLIAM² HILTON (William¹, WilliamA), baptized 22 June 1617 in Northwich, Cheshire, England.

I have found the following births in the town records of Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts:

Children of William² and Sarah (Greenleaf) Hilton, all born in Newbury:
i.   SARAH HILTON, born June 1641
ii.  CHARLES HILTON, born July 1643
iii. ANNE HILTON, born 12 Feb 1648
iv. ELIZABETH HILTON, born 6 Nov 1650 [mentioned in Edmund Greenleaf’s will]
v. WILLIAM³ HILTON (William³,William², William¹), born 28 Jun 1653

Third Generation

3. WILLIAM³ HILTON (William², William¹, WilliamA), born in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts on 28 Jun 1653. He married in York, Maine in 1678, ANNE PARSONS/BEALE/WILSON.

Children of William and Anne (Parsons) Hilton:
WILLIAM4 HILTON b. in York County, Maine on 24 Dec 1678

Fourth Generation

4. WILLIAM4 HILTON (William³, William², William¹, WilliamA) was born in York County, Maine on 24 Dec 1678 and died in Manchester, Essex, Massachusetts on 21 Jun 1723. He married in

Fifth Generation

5. STILSON5 HILTON (William4William³, William², William¹, WilliamA) was born in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts in 1702 and died in 1741. He married in Marblehead on 7 Feb 1721, HANNAH SEVERY.

Children of Stilson and Hannah (Severy) Hilton:
i.    THOMAS6 HILTON b. 15 Jul 1733
ii.   HANNAH6 HILTON b. 6 Jan 1735/6
iii.  AMOS6 HILTON b. 27 Dec 1738 d. 6 Jun 1611

Sixth Generation

6. AMOS6 HILTON, Captain (Stilson5William4William³, William², William¹, WilliamA) was born in Manchester, Essex, Massachusetts on 27 Dec 1738 and died in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 6 Jun 1811. He married in Manchester, on 5 Aug 1762, MARY LEE.

Children of Amos and Mary (Lee) Hilton:
i.    MARY7 “Molly” HILTON b. in Manchester on 17 Feb 1764
ii.   THOMAS HILTON b. in Manchester on 8 Nov 1765
iii.  AMOS7 HILTON, Captain b. in Manchester on 30 Jun 1767 m. HANNAH ROGERS
iv.  HENRY HILTON, Captain b. in Manchester on 24 May 1769
v.   RUTH HILTON b. in Manchester on 24 Jun 1771; m. John Scott
vi.  HANNAH HILTON b. 5 May 1773 d. 1862 m. Caleb Cook
vii. JACOB LUFKIN HILTON b. 25 Apr 1775 d. 31 Jul 1855

Seventh Generation

 7. AMOS7 HILTON, Captain  (Amos6Stilson5William4William³, William², William¹, WilliamA) was born in Manchester, Essex, Massachusetts on 30 Jun 1767 and died in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 18 Jul 1851. He married in Yarmouth County on 14 Apr 1790, HANNAH ROGERS.

Children of Amos and Hannah (Rogers) Hilton:
i.     HANNAH8 HILTON b. in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, in 1791
ii.    SUSANNA HILTON b. Yarmouth County on 25 Sep 1793
iii.   AMOS HILTON b. Yarmouth County on 9 Jun 1796
iv.   RUTH HILTON b. Yarmouth on 1 Aug 1798
v.    CORNELIUS HILTON b. Yarmouth on 2 Jun 1800
vi.   HENRY8 HILTON, Captain b. Argyle, Yarmouth, NS, Canada on 4 Sep 1803
viii. STILSON HILTON, Captain, born in 1807 died in 1880 (photo below)

Stilson Hilton (1807-1880)

Stilson Hilton (1807-1880)

Eighth Generation

8. HENRY8 HILTON, Captain, (Amos7Amos6Stilson5William4William³, William², William¹, WilliamA), was born in Argyle, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 4 Sep 1803 and died in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, NS on 13 Mar 1867. He married in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, on 9 Oct 1828, NANCY CROSBY.

Children of Henry and Nancy (Crosby) Hilton:
i.     WILLIAM HENRY9 HILTON b. Yarmouth, Yarmouth on 5 Oct 1829 d. Jan 1880
ii.    JOHN RING HILTON, Captain, b. Yarmouth, Yarmouth on 14 Sep 1831 d. 4 Apr 1867
iii.   SUSAN HILTON b. 1833 and died 1834
iv.   SUSAN HILTON b. 24 Jan 1838
v.    ELIZABETH ANN9 HILTON b. in Chebogue Point, Yarmouth County on 18 Oct 1840 (photo below)
vi.   MARY SOPHIA HILTON b. 1842
ix.   JEREMIAH HILTON b. 1849

Ninth Generation

9. ELIZABETH ANN9 HILTON, (Henry8Amos7Amos6Stilson5William4William³,  William², William¹, WilliamA), was born in Chebogue Point, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 18 Oct 1840 and died in Portland, Cumberland, Maine on 16 Sep 1895. She married in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, NS, Canada on 3 Oct 1864, ALFRED KIMBALL WHITE.

Elizabeth Ann (Hilton) White

Elizabeth Ann (Hilton) White



At Ancestry.com:
Source Information
Ancestry.com. History of Dover, New Hampshire : containing historical, genealogical and industrial data of its early settlers, their struggle [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.
Original data: Scales, John,. History of Dover, New Hampshire : containing historical, genealogical and industrial data of its early settlers, their struggles and triumphs. Dover, N.H.: Printed by authority of the City Councils, 1923.
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At Rootsweb.com:
Hilton Family History on Rootsweb


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