Eliza Maude White (1866-1943)

Updated/Edited: 10 Apr 2015

This is what I’ve learned about Grandpa Rust’s Great-Grandmother Eliza Maude White, beginning with her earliest known ancestor, William White from England. (Eliza Maude White is Aidan, Ashley and Haley’s 3rd great-grandmother, and William White is their 10th great-grandfather.)

First Generation in America

1. WILLIAM¹ WHITE, was born in Norfolk County, England between 29 Sep 1609 and 28 Sep 1610 he died in Haverhill Essex, Massachusetts on 28 Sep 1690. He married, first, MARY WARE, she died in Haverhill on 22 Sep 1681.

Tradition says that he came from County Norfolk, England, but this has not been confirmed.  His ship landed at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts in 1635. In 1640 he removed to Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, of which he was one of the first settlers. He and Mary had only one child.

Mary (Ware) White’s Gravestone at Find-a-Grave


Gravestone of Mrs. Mary (Ware) White at the Pentucket Cemetery in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts

Children of William and Mary (Ware) White:
i. JOHN² WHITE, b. 8 Mar 1639 d. 1 Jan 1668.

Second Generation

2. JOHN² WHITE, (William¹) born in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts on 8 Mar 1639 and died in Haverhill 1 Jan 1668. He married HANNAH FRENCH in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts on 22 Nov 1662.

Children of John and Hannah (French) White:
i. JOHN³ WHITE, Esq. b. in Haverhill 8 Mar 1663; d. in Haverhill 20 Nov 1727

Third Generation

3. JOHN³ WHITE, Esquire, (John², William¹) was born in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts on 8 Mar 1663 died in Haverhill on 20 Nov 1727. He married in Haverhill on 24 Oct 1687, LYDIA GILMAN.

Children of John and Lydia (Gilman) White:
i.TIMOTHY4 WHITE, b. in Haverhill 14 Nov 1700; d. Feb 1765

Fourth Generation

4. TIMOTHY4 WHITE, (John³, John², William¹), was born in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts on 14 Nov 1700 and died in Haverhill Feb 1765. He married 24 Sep 1728, SUSANNA GARDNER, who was born on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, the daughter of John Gardner and Priscilla Coffin.

Children of Timothy and Susanna (Gardner) White:
i.   TIMOTHY5 WHITE, Jr. b. Nantucket
ii.   JOHN5 WHITE, b. Nantucket 7 Apr 1740; d. 1795
iii.   MARY WHITE b. Nantucket
iv.   SUSANNA WHITE b. Nantucket
v.   LYDIA WHITE b. Nantucket; died single, no children
vi.  JAMES WHITE b. Nantucket

Fifth Generation

5. JOHN5 WHITE, (Timothy4, John³, John², William¹),was born in Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, on 7 Apr 1740 and died about 1795 in Haverhill, , Massachusetts. He married in Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire on 14 Jun 1780, MARY “MOLLY” CALL who died in Haverhill on 10 Jul 1830.

Children of John and Mary (Call) White:
i.   CALEB WHITE, b 29 Jun 1789; died 12 Jul 1817
ii.   POLLY WHITE, b 18 Mar 1792; died 15 Nov 1795
iii.  ANDREW CRAIGIE6 WHITE, b. 6 Apr 1795; d. 27 Mar 1884

Sixth Generation

6. ANDREW CRAIGIE6 WHITE, (John5, Timothy4, John³, John², William¹) born in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts on 6 Apr 1795 and died in Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA on 27 Mar 1884. He married in Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada on 18 May 1819, ELIZABETH DOANE CROWELL.

Elizabeth Doane CrowellElizabeth Doane Crowell

Children of Andrew Cragie and Elizabeth Doane (CROWELL) White:
i.   ALFRED KIMBALL7 WHITE, b Nova Scotia Nov 1841

Seventh Generation

7. ALFRED KIMBALL7 WHITE, (Andrew Craigie6, John5, Timothy4, John³, John², William¹) was born in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia on Nov 1841 and died in Canso, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. He married in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada on 3 Oct 1864, ELIZABETH ANN HILTON, died in Canso on 16 Sep 1895, the daughter of Henry Hilton and Nancy Crosby.

Alfred Kimball WhiteAlfred Kimball White

Elizabeth Ann HiltonElizabeth Ann Hilton

Canso, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Canso, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

From All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery, Canso, Guysborough County:
“White, Elizabeth Ann, Sept. 16, 1895, Wife of Alfred K., 1840-1895 – 55 years”

Children of Alfred Kimball and Elizabeth Ann (Hilton) White:
i. ELIZA MAUDE8 WHITE, b. Nova Scotia  d. Belmont, California 15 Feb 1943

Eighth Generation

8. ELIZA MAUDE8 WHITE, (Alfred Kimball7, Andrew Craigie6, John5, Timothy4, John³, John², William¹) was born in Sherbrooke, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. She died in Belmont, San Mateo County, California on 15 Feb 1943. She married in Nova Scotia, FREDERICK WILLIAM PAGET.

Frederick William Paget and Eliza Maude WhiteEliza Maude White and Frederick William Paget


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