Mary Ann BRUTON (1819-1853)

This is the ancestry of my 3rd Great-Grandmother, Mary Ann BRUTON. (She is Aidan’s 5th great grandmother.)

Benjamin BRUTON, was born in Dobbs County, North Carolina on 27 May 1761.

Dobbs-Lenoir County NcArchives Military Records…..Bruton, Benjamin

Revwar – Pension

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Benjamin Bruton – He was born May 27, 1761 in Dobbs County, NC and while residing in Kinston, NC he enlisted and served with the North Carolina Troops.

In 1779, he served five months as Second Sergeant in Captain John Kennedy’s Company, Colonel William Caswell’s Regiment, and was at the battle of Brier Creek; afterwards he served three months as First Sergeant in Captain Griffin’s Company, no dates stated. He served a short time in Captain Abraham Hardy’s Company of Mounted Militia, after which he served several short tours amounting in all to four or five months, dates and names of officers not stated. He was allowed pension on his application executed December 11, 1832, at which time he resided in “that portion of the Choctaw Nation near to/or attached to Marengo County” where he moved from Conecuh County, AL. At thistime he signed Benjamin Bruton, Sen.

Mary Ann BRUTON, (Benjamin 1), was born in Conecuh County, Alabama, on 19 Apr 1819. She died in Grimes County, Texas, on 27 Jun 1853. She married James Roan BENNETT in Sumter, Alabama, on 28 Oct 1837.

Mary Ann BRUTON was a southern lady and unfortunately was a slave-holder:

Mary Ann Bennett,
To Schedule
Separate Property

The State of Texas
Grimes County

To all whom it may concern: Know ye that the following list and schedule of property contains a just, true, and correct, list and schedule of the property which belongs to Mary Ann [Bruton] Bennett, wife of, James R. Bennett, all of the county and state aforesaid which property so specified is the individual property and estate of the aforesaid, Mary Ann Bennett, owned and held by her, in her own individual right, separate and apart from her husband the aforesaid James R. Bennett, and unincumbered by the claims of any other person or persons, To Wit: A Negro man slave named Elisha, about fifty-five years of age; a Negro woman named Lear, about fifty-seven years of age; a Negro woman named Milly, about twenty-four years of age and her two children, one a girl named, Vine, about three years old, and a boy named, John, about eight months old; a Negro boy named Jesse, about fifteen years of age; a Negro girl named Emily, about sixteen years of age; a boy named Charles about 14 years of age; a girl named Sarah, about 13 yesra of age; and a girl named Louisiana, about nine years of age; all of which property as above specified, the said Mary Ann [Bruton] Bennett, claims as her own separate property, and estate. In witness whereof she has hereunto signed her name and affixed her seal (using a scroll as a seal) for the purpose of having a record made of this instrument according to law.

This Nineteeth day of December in the year of our lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty nine.
Mary Anne Bruton

The State of Texas
County of Grimes
By this public instrument be it known to all whom the same doth or may in anywise concern, that I, Uriah F. Case, a Notary Public, in and for the County of Grimes by Commission under the great Seal of the State of Texas, duly sworn and bonded, dwelling in the County of Grimes, do hereby certify that this day before me in person came, Mary Ann Bennett, whose name is affixed to this (was not able to read this line)
that the property described in the annexed schedule is her separate property.

In testimony whereof, I hereto set my hand and caused my Notarial Seal of office, to be hereupon impressed, the Nineteeth day of Dec, A. D., 1849.
Uriah F. Case, Notary Public, Grimes County

Notary Public
Grimes County
Deposited for Record at 12 o’clock am on the 21st day of December, A. D., 1849 and Recorded at 5 O’clocl pm the 26th day of December, A. D., 1849.
G. M. Mooring, Clerk and Recorder for Grimes County.


2 Responses to Mary Ann BRUTON (1819-1853)

  1. Laura Nygaard says:

    Teresa, Hi, this is Laura Nygaard your cousin from down south. Trying to work on Benjamin for DAR but need more to prove Mary Ann was his daughter. Have you find anything in your research? I have a copy of a gift of estate that lists her, but they won’t take just that. Do you know if Benjamin had a will?


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