Irish Roots

Michael DOUGHERTY, born IRELAND, 1714

Thomas ROORK, born IRELAND, 1728


2 Responses to Irish Roots

  1. Carol Richie Spencer says:

    I love reading your information! I have enjoyed periods of geneological research for 40+ years but never had the time for in-depth study. My great, great grandmother was Jane Trant Davis (Mary E “Molly” Davis m. Clem Waters Bennett; one of their children, Artie Pauline Bennet was my grandmother). I look forward to additional study.
    Is the Trant Jarvis reunion still held in Keith in July? I used to go to Keith’s Evergreen Free Will Baptist Churst for community “reunion” on the first Sunday in June with my grandmother.
    Thank you for your passion and sharing of so much information!

  2. Hi, Carol! Or I should say, cousin! Jane Trant Davis is my direct ancestor too! She is my 2nd great-grandmother. I have never been to Keith, Texas. I do believe that they still have the reunions though. Look under the Rachel Fay Sammon link above as she was my grandmother and the granddaughter of Jane (Trant) Davis. We do have a Trant and Jarvis Yahoo Group which I would like to invite you to.

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