English Roots

BATES, John Isaac, born 25 May 1598, in Canterbury, Kent, ENGLAND. (Hamilton/Pepper line)

BENNETT, John, “whose parentage has not yet been found, lived in Wiveliscombe. Little is recorded of him, save that on December 3, 1564, “Margery ye wife of John Bennett, tanner” was buried. (Sammon/Salmon line)

BENNETT, Robert, (John 1) born about 1533; buried 19 Sep 1603, at Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England; married there, 10 July 1558, Elizabeth EDNEY.

BENNETT, Thomas, (Robert 2, John 1)

BENNETT, Thomas, (Thomas 3, Robert 2, John 1) married Agnes BEARD, in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England on 17 Jul 1623.

BENNETT, John, (Thomas 4, Thomas 3, Robert 2, John 1), born 1624 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England. LAST of this line to be born in England!

BISHOP, Joshua, about 1645 in Norfolk, ENGLAND. (Bishop line)

DEATH, John, about 1595 in ENGLAND. (Hamilton/Pepper line)

JACKSON, Ralph,  born about 1650 in Aberford, Yorkshire, ENGLAND; died in either Henrico or Prince George County, Virginia between 27 Oct 1708 and 1 Feb 1709. (Hamilton/Pepper line)

JARVIS, Elizabeth, born 3 Oct 1809 in East Allington, Devon, ENGLAND. (Sammon line)

KING, John, born about 1681 in ENGLAND, possibly in Suffolk County. He immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts about 1710, married in 1713 and had his first child, John, Jr., in 1715 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the first settler of what was then known as “The Elbows” and which became Palmer in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. (Hamilton/Pepper Line)

SOULE, George,

STRICKLAND, James, born 1759 in ENGLAND, exact location is unknown. He was a British Soldier with General Burgoyne in the Battle of Saratoga. (Hamilton/Pepper line)

TRANT, Jane, born 1847 in Totnes, Devon, ENGLAND. (Sammon/Salmon line)

TRANT, JOHN, 18 May 1812, in Sherford, Devon, ENGLAND. (Sammon/Salmon line)


3 Responses to English Roots

  1. Stacy Strickland says:

    Hi – I found your blog while researching my ancestry… we are related through James Strickland. Have you had any luck with uncovering information about his parents?

    • No, I have not. Please share with me how you are related.

      • Stacy Strickland says:

        James Strickland > Eli Strickland > Lemuel Stores Strickland > Ira Eugene Strickland > John Ray Strickland > John Robert Strickland > Grant Thiel Strickland > me. Coincidentally, my neighbor is also related to James Strickland and Naomi Needham. He has been researching Naomi’s ancestry. Neither of us have had much luck with James’ history prior to his serving in the war.


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