Bishop Family History Records

Transcription “as is” of a four page typed document sent to me by my Grandmother Reita Geraldine (Bishop) Pepper in August 1984:

“Bishop Geneology”

SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Part of the following information is from Cathryn (Bishop) Anfinson and Bessie Bishop (cousins). Also some of it from Clara Mae and Jennie Elizabeth Bishop, daughters of William Hamilton and Clara Celesta Bishop. Part of it is from old memories and part from old letters and records.

Franklin Peck Bishop was born March 31, 1818 near Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky of English parentage. Franklin Peck Bishop and Cynthia Ann Cammack daughter of James and Susan Cammack, were married in 1839 in Washington County, Kentucky. Cynthia Ann’s parents had moved to Kentucky from Virginia in 1810, about nine years before her birth June 18, 1819. The Cammack’s lived in the Wythe-Mercer County areas of Kentucky, which counties are on the trail used by the early settlers in their journey westward.

Together FRANKLIN and CYNTHIA operated a tobacco plantation and also raised thorobred horses. To them were born twelve children. The first four of these children were born on this plantation in Kentucky.

Franklin and Cynthia, like other settlers in that section, had slaves. They educated their slaves and gave them neat cabins in which to live, but as slavery was a controversy in the nation, at that time, they decided to leave the south. So in 1847 they divided their land equally among their slave, gave them the deeds and took their four children on their saddled horses and rode into Illinois on their way to Green County, Wisconsin. One source of information says they made the trip in a covered wagon, taking six weeks to complete the trip and that Cynthia had to be moved part of the way on a cot, due to an attack of spotted fever.


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