Betsey Brooks (1801-1874)

Updated/Edited: 6 Feb 2015

Betsey Brooks is Gran’s 3rd great-grandmother and Aidan, Daniel, Lillian, Callen, and Lief’s 5th great-grandmother.

AR = Served in the American Revolution

First Generation
(Teresa’s 7th Great-Grandfather)

1. WILLIAM¹ BROOKS was born probably sometime between 1610 to 1628 and died in Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts on 30 Oct 1688. He married MARY BURT.

More about William Brooks can be found at: Tributaries, Genealogies of the Brooks Families of New England.

The first record of William Brooks in New England is on 6 Feb 1648/9 in Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts:

6 Feb 1648 At a Court this 6 Feb 1648 [1649]. The underwritten tooke the oath of Fidelity:
The Oath of Fidelity

I, ___________, being by Gods provedence an Inhabitant within the Jurisdiction of this Common-wealth, doe freely and sincerely acknowledge myselfe to be subject to the Government thereof. And doe heer swear by the great and dreadfull Name of the Ever-living God, that I will be true and faithful to the same, and will accordingly yield assistance thereunto, with my person and estate, as in equitie I am bound: and will also truly endeavor to maintain and preserve all the Liberties and Privileges thereof, submitting myself unto the wholesome Laws made, and established by the same. And further, that I will not plot or practice any evil against it, or consent to any that shall so doe; but will timely discover and reveal the same to lawful Authoritie now here established, for the speedy preventing thereof. So help me God in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rowland Thomas
John Stebbinge
William Brookes
Nathaniel Browne
Thomas Cooper
William Warrener
Robert Ashley
John Leonard
James Bridgeman
John Clark
Samuell Marshfield
Rowland Stebbing
Jonathan Burt
John Herman
Thomas Merick
George Langhton
John Matthews
Thomas Sewell
Richard Exile
Jonathan Taylor
Georg Coulten
Griffith Jones
Rice Bedorthe
Benjamin Cooly
Hugh Parsons
John Lumbard
Miles Morgan
Alexander Edwards
Nathaniell Blisse

Children of William and Mary (Burt) Brooks:
i. Remembrance b. 1654; m. James Brown [Illegitimate child of Mary Burt’s]
ii. WILLIAM BROOKS b. 1655; d. 1675 in King Philip’s War
iii. JOHN BROOKS b. 1657; d. 1675 in King Philip’s War
iv. SARAH BROOKS b. 1658; m. (1) Jonathan Taylor (2) John Hanchett
v. MARY BROOKS b. 1659; d. young
vi. PATIENCE BROOKS b. 1661; m. Thomas Taylor
vii. EBENEZER BROOKS b. 1662; m. Elizabeth Belding
viii. NATHANIEL BROOKS b. 1664; m. (1) Mary Williams; (2) Mary Allis
ix. ABIGAIL BROOKS b. 1665; m. Samuel Stebbins
x. JOSEPH BROOKS b. 1667; m. Lydia Warner
xi. MERCY BROOKS b. 1669; m. Samuel Carter
xii. BENJAMIN2 BROOKS b. in Springfield, Mass. 25 Jul 1671; married MARY BARNARD.
xiii. DELIVERANCE BROOKS, Twin b. 1673; m. Mary Burt.
14. THANKFUL BROOKS, Twin b. 1673; d. 1673
16. MARY BROOKS b. 1677; m. Barrett Steel
17. THANKFUL BROOKS b. 1679; m. Josiah Church

Second Generation
(Teresa’s 6th Great-Grandfather)

2. BENJAMIN² BROOKS (William¹) was born in Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts on 25 Jul 1671 and died in Springfield 3 May 1755. He married in Springfield in 1693, MARY BARNARD.

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Barnard) Brooks:
i.   BENJAMIN³ BROOKS b. Springfield 29 Sep 1693
ii.   MARY BROOKS b. Springfield 26 May 1695
iii.   SARAH BROOKS b. Springfield 15 Mar 1696
iv.   ELIZABETH BROOKS b. Springfield 24 Feb 1698
v.   MERCY BROOKS b. Springfield 12 Mar 1700
vi.   JOHN BROOKS b. Springfield 21 Mar 1703
vii.   THANKFUL BROOKS b. Springfield 3 Feb 1704
viii.   ABIGAIL BROOKS b. Springfield 3 Dec 1706
ix.   WILLIAM BROOKS b. Springfield 1 Aug 1708
x.   JOSEPH BROOKS b. Springfield 6 Aug 1710
xi.   SAMUEL BROOKS b. Springfield 20 Aug 1712
xii.   NOAH BROOKS b. Springfield 24 Jan 1714

Third Generation
(Teresa’s 5th Great-Grandfather)

3. BENJAMIN³ BROOKS (Benj.², William¹) was born in Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts on 29 Sep 1693 and died in Springfield on 3 May 1755. He married HANNAH WALKER.

Children of Benjamin and Hannah (Walker) Brooks:
i.     BENJAMIN4 BROOKS b. 1726
ii.    EDWARD BROOKS b. Western (now Warren), Mass. on 16 Mar 1728 AR
iii.   HANNAH BROOKS b. Western on 31 May 1730
iv.   PHENEAS BROOKS b. Western on 30 Jun 1732 TWIN
v.    SIMEON BROOKS b. Western on 30 Jun 1732 TWIN
vi.   ABNER BROOKS b. Western on 16 Aug 1734
vii.  ELIZABETH BROOKS b. Western on 27 Sep 1736
viii. SARAH BROOKS b. Western on 17 Nov 1738
ix.   MARTIN BROOKS b. Western on 26 Feb 1741
x.    MERCY BROOKS b. Western (now Warren) on 30 Apr 1743
xi.   CALEB4 BROOKS b. in Western (now Warren) on 22 Apr 1745

Fourth Generation
(Teresa’s 4th Great-Grandfather)

4. CALEB4 BROOKS (Benj³Benj.², William¹) was born in Warren (Inc. 1742 from Western), Worcester, Massachusetts and died before 1830 in Greenwich, Hampshire, Mass.. He married, first, TRYPHENA KEYES.

Caleb joined his older brothers and sister Mercy when he became a New England Planter in Nova Scotia sometime after 1759  New England Planter

The following fascinating account is found in the Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, Volume 12, page 58, at The Library of Congress
Thursday, December 3, 1818


I found this record via Christopher Brooks fantastic website which included the source for this information: (click on the following link and scroll down to bottom of page) Brooks, Christopher. Tributaries: Brooks Families of New England, genealogical website at, visited January 29, 2015.


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