Margaret Elizabeth BENNETT (1851-1891)

Updated/Edited: 18 Apr 2015

This is the ancestry of my Great-Great Grandmother Margaret Elizabeth BENNETT, beginning with her earliest known ancestor, John BENNETT, of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England. Most of my information about the earliest years of the Bennett family are taken from two sources:
1. Bennett, Archibald F., Finding Your Forefathers In America  (Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft Company, 1957)
Archibald F. Bennett was the secretary and librarian of The Genealogical Society at Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a  First Edition of this book in my possession. T. Rust

2. And online at the “Bennetts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Genealogy of the Bennett Family” website at:

First Known Generation in England

D. JOHND BENNETT, “whose parentage has not yet been found, lived in Wiveliscombe. Little is recorded of him, save that on December 3, 1564, “Margery ye wife of John Bennett, tanner” was buried. They were probably parents of the two Bennetts named below.” – FYFinA

Probable children of John and Margery Bennett:
i. ROBERTC BENNETT, born about 1533; buried 19 Sep 1603, at Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England; married there, 10 July 1558, ELIZABETH EDNEY.
ii.   JOHN BENNETT, born about 1542; living in 1592; married Johan, probably buried 2 May 1608, in Bruton, Somerset, England.

Second Generation in England

C. ROBERTC BENNETT, (JohnD), born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England, about 1533 and died in Wiveliscombe after 28 Aug 1603 [date of will] and before 19 Sep 1603 [burial date]. He married in Wiveliscombe on 10 Jul 1558, ELIZABETH EDNEY, or possibly EDNYE, . Elizabeth was buried in Wiveliscombe on 28 Jun 1597.

“He followed the trade of tanner throughout his life, evidently with success.” 

“In 1594 Robert Bennett and others entered suit against Winifred Bande regarding stalls in the market at Wiveliscombe. (Somerset Parishes, by A. L. Humphries, London, 1906, Vol. 2, page 809.)

His will was probated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in London (P.C.C. 94 Bolein), and in it he mentions many children and relatives.

“The twenty and eight of August One Thousand Six Hundred and three…I Robert Bennet of Wyveliscombe in the Countie of Somerset, Tanner, to be buried in the parishe Church of Wyveliscome as neare my wief as maie be, …To my son Xofer 50 pounds. To my son Edward 30 pounds. To my son William 40 pounds. To my daughter Elizabeth 50 pounds. To my son-in-law John SOULE the debts he oweth me being 13 pounds 10 shillings. To my daughter Dorothy 50 pounds. To my sonne Richard 10 pounds, if he live five months after the date hereof, if he die it is to be divided between his brothers and sisters….The rest of my goods I give & bequeath to my son Thomas whom I make my whole and sole executor…my daughter Elizabeth (then unmarried) …my son William (to) be put in bonds to his brothers Robert and Edward….

Witnesses: Robert Edney, William Edney. (Signed) ROBERT BENNETT.”
Proved last of November 1603 by Thomas Bennett.

From: Bennett, Archibald F., Finding Your Forefathers In America (Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft Company, c 1957), 86-87.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Edney) Bennett:

Third Generation in England


Fourth Generation in England

A. THOMASA BENNETT, (ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) married in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England on 17 Jul 1623, AGNES BEARD.

Children of Thomas and Agnes (Beard) Bennett:
i.  JOHN¹ BENNETT, born 1624, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.
ii. RICHARD BENNETT, born 25 Jan 1625, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
iii. PHILLIP BENNETT, born 1 Mar 1626, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England

First Generation In America

1. JOHN¹ BENNETT, (ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) was born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England in 1624 and died in Virginia.

Second Generation

2. WILLIAM² BENNETT, (John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD), was born in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia about 1659. He married MARY SMITH.

Third Generation

3. WILLIAM³ BENNETT, (William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnDwas born in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia in 1684. He married in Christ Church Parish SARAH BRUMWELL.

Fourth Generation

4. WILLIAM4 BENNETT, (William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD), was born in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia, before 2 Jun 1703 and died after 1782. He married MARY HUMPHREYS.

Mary Humphreys was born in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia on 24 Jan 1704.

Children of William and Mary (Humphreys) Bennett:
PETER5 BENNETT, born 1724

Fifth Generation

5. PETER5 BENNETT, (William4, William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) was born in Middlesex County, Virginia, 21 Jun 1724 and died in Bedford County, Virginia, 26 May 1778. He married FRANCES VARDEMAN. She died after 7 Jan 1778.

Children of Peter and Frances (Vardeman) Bennett:
iii. REUBEN6 BENNETT born 1757 and died in Georgia in 1808.

Sixth Generation

6. REUBEN6 BENNETT, (Peter5, William4, William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) was born in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1757. He died in Morgan County, Georgia in 1808. He married ELIZABETH.

Children of Reuben and Elizabeth Bennett:
i.   WINSTON7 BENNETT, born about 1778, Virginia.
ii.  DAUGHTER BENNETT born in Virginia about 1780, died in Georgia before 1807, married William POWERS.
iii. ELIZABETH BENNETT, born Virginia about 1782 married before 1807, Stephen EVANS.
iv. ANN BENNETT, born about 1784; died before 1824; married John STROZIER, about 1804.
v.  JANE “Jenny” BENNETT, born about 1786 in Georgia; married John LAWS in Georgia, 12 Feb 1807.
vi. WILLIAM M.7 BENNETT, born between 1782-1788 in Georgia and died 1841, married NANCY ROAN in Wilkes County, Georgia.
vii. HANNAH BENNETT, born about 1790 in Georgia; married Anderson DABNEY in Georgia.
viii. RICHARD BENNETT, born about 1792 in Georgia; married Susannah BOWLES.
ix.  ASENATH BENNETT, born before Aug 1795 in Georgia; married Parmenas COCHRAN, in Wilkes County, Georgia, 19 Sep 1811.

Seventh Generation

7. WILLIAM M.7 BENNETT, (Reuben6, Peter5, William4, William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) , was born between 1782 and 1788 in Georgia. He died in 1841. He married Nancy ROAN in Wilkes County, Georgia on 7 Jan 1808.

From: Bennett’s of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Genealogy of the Bennett Family

“William M. Bennett, was not given any “draws” in the 1803 Georgia Land Lottery. Draws were given to all white males age 21 or over. Therefore, William was likely born after 1782. In 1809, William was security for James Roan’s guardianship of Richard and Asenath Bennett. He must have been at least 21 to act in this role. Therefore, William was born between 1782 and 1788.”

Children of William M. and Nancy (Roan) Bennett:
JAMES ROAN8 BENNETT, born 24 Jan 1812

Eighth Generation

8. JAMES ROAN8 BENNETT, (William M.7Reuben6, Peter5, William4, William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD) , was born in Montgomery, Wilkes County, Georgia on 24 Jan 1812. He died in Grimes County, Texas on 3 Aug 1892. He married in Sumter, Alabama, on 28 Oct 1837, MARY ANN BRUTON.

Mary Ann Bruton was the daughter of  Benjamin BRUTON and Charlotte. Mary was born in Conecuh County, Alabama, 19 Apr 1819. She died in Grimes County, Texas, 27 Jun 1853.

Bennett, James Roan and Mary Ann Bennett Gravestone

Children of James Roan and Mary Ann (Bruton) Bennett:.
i.      MARGARET L. BENNETT born in Texas in 1839
ii.     NANCY ELLEN BENNETT born in Texas in 1841
iii.    HANAH P. BENNETT born in Texas in 1843
iv.    HESTER A. BENNETT born in Texas in 1844
v.     ELIZABETH CECE BENNETT born in Texas 1846
vi.    CAROLINA V. BENNETT born in Texas in
vii.  MARGARET ELIZABETH9 BENNETT born in Texas on 1 Feb 1851 died 1 Dec 1891.
viii.  MARY ANN BENNETT born in Grimes County, Texas in 1853

9. MARGARET ELIZABETH9 BENNETT (James Roan8, William M.7, Reuben6, Peter5, William4, William³, William², John¹, ThomasA, ThomasB, RobertC, JohnD was born in Grimes County, Texas on 1 Feb 1851 and died in Anderson, Grimes County, Texas on 1 Dec 1891. She married in Limestone County, Texas on 8 May 1878, JOHN EDWARD SALMON/SAMMON .

Children of John Edward and Margaret Elizabeth (Bennett) Sammon:
i.      WILLIAM TERRELL SALMON/SAMMON born in Grimes County, Texas on 24 Feb 1879; Served time in the State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas and was later pardoned by Gov. Campbell on 24 Dec 1909.

ii.    JOHN ELLIS SAMMON born in Grimes County, Texas on 23 Jan 1881

iii.   FRANCIS ELIZABETH SALMON/SAMMON b. in Texas on 30 Nov 1884; d. in Fresno, CA on 21 Dec 1953; she married CORRY H FRITH (1885-), they had Anita, Lucile, Alois (son), Francis, and Corry Jr.

iv.    LYDA ELIZABETH CLEMENTINE SAMMON, born in Texas on 4 Feb 1888 and died in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma on 6 Mar 1965. She married WILLIAM ALLEN STULTZ (1887-1962).

v.   RUBIN WILLIS BENNETT SALMON/SAMMON was born in Texas on 20 Feb 1890 and died in Marlow, OK on 17 Feb 1961; m. IDA; he served two months in WWI; had a son, Willie.


William Terrill Salmon (1879-1961)


10 Responses to Margaret Elizabeth BENNETT (1851-1891)

  1. Anita Woodnutt says:

    Hi, I just read over your lineage and have a couple of questions. I’ve reviewed the Christchurch, Middlesex, VA parish records, and show Peter, s/o William and Mary, born 21 June and baptised 19 July 1724; there is a later entry of Peter Bennett dyed 12 Feb and was buried 14 Feb 1726. Do you have an adult Peter Bennett further up the chain? Secondly, do you have other siblings to Peter born in 1724? I have Elizabeth b. 1726, William b. 1728, Joseph b. 1731, Richard b. 1733, and possibly a John and a Thomas, b. between 1740-1748. And third (and last), has any male Bennett of your family been ydna tested, and if so, what’s the haplotype? I also am researching Virginia Bennett’s, and descend from John (brother to William and Joseph) but I’m not sure who their father is. Hence, the yDNA question. Thanks.
    Another Bennett looking in all the wrong and hopefully right places,

  2. Janet McLemore says:

    Margaret Elizabeth Bennett was not born in Missouri according to my records. I have her birth date as 1 Feb 1850 in Grimes Co. Tx.

  3. Thank-you! Cousin Janet! BTW, my mom has been talking to Margaret over the last few days and has been so happy to catch up with her!!!

  4. Vicki Brogdon says:

    (I started a previous thought and somehow it disappeared, sorry if this is a duplicate). Margaret Elizabeth Bennett has always been a mystery to me. We know that she was married first to James Knox Powell (born 1844), they had a daughter together, called her Willie Lenore (born in Grimes county in 1867). Mr. Powell died in an accident in 1872. Then she married John Edward in 1878, The story I got from my mother (who was the original researcher) was that Willie did not like John Edward and that when her mother died (Willie had already married and moved away), she came and got her and buried her somewhere else. We always thought it was next to her first husband, Willie’s father. I have since found James Powell grave in Hubbard, Texas. She is not there, not enough room between his father and him. Was wondering if you had any ideas where she might be buried?

  5. Vicki Brogdon says:

    By the way, I am a descendant of John Ellis Sammon. He married Lillie Davis July 31, 1902. He died April 5, 1961 in Marlow, OK.

  6. Jennifer Coats says:

    My maternal grandmother is a Bennett (still living on her own and a great-great grandmother). I know we descend from the Bennetts of colonial Virginia but I’m missing some information. Do you know if there are any DNA projects for our family?

  7. Anita Woodnutt says:

    Yes to Jennifer – There is a yDNA project at FamilyTreeDNA re your line of Bennett’s (not my line, however). The project administrator is Bruce Bennett, and there is a forum to post your question, or you can ask the project administrator if there is a participant that has disclosed Wivelescombe as an origin. I think Bruce can best advise you. It is a very large Bennett project. Hope this helps.

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