Amma/Anna Falina DOWDEN (1860-1930)

Updated: 3 Dec 2013

My Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother

One of my four maternal great-great-grandmothers was Anna/Amma Falina DOWDEN. According to the 1900 US Census she was born in the state of Indiana [possibly Owens County] in June 1860. Amma/Anna was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson DOWDEN and Mary J. BIRLEY. Her name is recorded on documents sometimes as Anna and sometimes as Amma. Her son James Osker Dowden spells her name “Amma” on his World War I draft registration card.

At the age of 18, Amma/Anna, married, Joseph S. DAUGHERTY, in Greene County, Indiana, on the 16th of March in 1879. She and Joseph were the parents of at least NINE children.

She died on the 1st of May in 1930 in Grandfield, Tillman County, Oklahoma.

The children of Amma/Anna Falina DOWDEN and Joseph S. DAUGHERTY are:

i. Claud DAUGHERTY, born on 14 Apr 1880 in Indiana.
ii.   Mary Frances DAUGHERTY, born in June 1881 in Indiana.
iii.  Cora Alice DAUGHERTY “Alice”, born on 23 October 1883 in Missouri.
iv.  Walter DAUGHERTY, born in January 1886 in Missouri.
v.   Gracie DAUGHERTY, born in July 1887 in Missouri.
vi.  John William DAUGHERTY “Willie”, born on the 7th of Nov 1891 in Springfield, Missouri.
vii.  Ellie DAUGHERTY, in Dec 1893 in Missouri.
viii. Bula DAUGHERTY, in July 1896 in Missouri.
ix.  James Osker DAUGHERTY “Jimmie”, was born on 27 Feb 1899 in the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, USA, (Oklahoma). James died 20 Jan 1984 in Walters, Cotton, Oklahoma. He married Vivian.

My Maternal Great-Great-Great Grandfather

Amma/Anna’s father was Thomas Jefferson DOWDEN. He was born in Indiana on 17 September 1831 [I am trying to find my source for this date!]. Thomas married Mary J. BIRLEY in 1853 in Indiana. He died 9 Feb 1898 in Cedar Gap, Wright County, Missouri.

17 Sep 1831 – His birth date. I am trying to find the source for this date. We do have his age from several census records which also give the approximate year of birth.

26 Jul 1850 – Thomas is a laborer on the Stainhard farm in Jackson Township, Washington County, Indiana. He is 19 years old, which would make his birth date to be between 27 Jul 1830 to 26 Jul 1831.

1853 – He married Mary J. BIRLEY, most likely in Indiana.

1863 – The US Civil War Draft Registration finds TWO Thomas J. Dowden’s with different ages and occupations and living in different counties:

10 July 1863 – Thomas J. Dowden, age 28, Carpenter, married, Washington Township, Owens County, Indiana. (This would put is birth date between 11 Jul 1834-10 Jul 1835.)
5 Aug 1863 – Thomas J. Dowden, age 34, Farmer, married, Bean Blossom, Monroe County, Indiana. (This would put his birth date between 6 Aug 1828 – 5 Aug 1829.)

I am leaning towards the “Owens County” Thomas because he was living in Owens County in 1860.

8 Sep 1870 – Thomas J. Dowden and family are living in Washington, Greene County, Indiana.

21 Jun 1880 – Thomas and family are still in Washington, Greene, Indiana.

9 Feb 1898 – Thomas dies in Cedar Gap, Wright County, Missouri.

Children of Thomas Jefferson DOWDEN and Mary J. BIRLEY:
i. James Albert DOWDEN, b. 26 Nov 1856 in Owens County, Indiana.
ii. John DOWDEN, b. 1858 in Owens County, Indiana (possibly twin?).
iii. Eva Mary DOWDEN, b 1859 in East Division, Owens County, Indiana.
ivAmma/Anna Falina DOWDEN, b June 1860 in Owens County, Indiana.
v. William O. DOWDEN, born 1861 in Owen County, Indiana.
vi. King Solomon DOWDEN, born 2 Jan 1874, in Indiana.

My Maternal 4th Great-Grandfather


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