My Dad’s Family Finder DNA Test

Just recently I submitted a DNA sample from my father John Pepper to Family Tree DNA for the Family Finder test. The results have started coming in the last few days and my head is spinning with all of the possible connections. Already some interesting information is coming through regarding my dad’s family history and DNA connections.

I decided to make a couple of charts with my dad’s ancestral surnames (including the places and dates where they are found in our family history) in order to make it easier to find cousin connections.

Here are the charts, updated as of today, the 22nd of March, 2014:

My dad’s PATERNAL side through his father John Prouty Hamilton/Pepper:
Surnames for John Wesley Keith Hamilton Family Finder

My dad’s MATERNAL side through his mother Reita Geraldine Bishop:
MATERNAL Surnames for John Wesley Keith Pepper Family Finder Test

I went back to about the 6th or 7th Great-Grandparents of my dad, which would include up to 6th to 7th cousin, I believe.



About Teresa Hamilton/Pepper Rust

Married to Brad Rust for 41 years. Mother of two lads and two lasses and the gran of Aidan and Jacob Wesley. My current hobbies are family history research and blogging. I love reading, especially history, and British 18th and 19th Century literature. I really like traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!
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