Genealogy Roadshow starts in San Francisco

From “PBS and KQED, the Bay Area’s public media outlet, are teaming up to create a new TV series combining the proven popularity of “Antiques Roadshow” with the ongoing interest in family history. “Genealogy Roadshow” will begin filming in the Bay Area on July 21, and premier nationally this fall on PBS.
The series will focus initially on families in four U.S. cities— San Francisco, Detroit, Nashville and Austin. Residents who think they have “a historically significant story in their family” will bring the story to the producers. If chosen, the stories will then be researched by local experts in history and genealogy, much like the antiques experts who evaluate everything from Tiffany lamps to yard sale junk on “Antiques Roadshow.”
The results of the research, which may include previously unknown secrets and details, will be revealed to the participating families live on camera before local audiences.
“San Francisco is a natural fit (for the show),” said executive producer Stuart Krasnow, because of the city’s role as a “fantastically diverse melting pot attracting the most colorful personalities from all walks of life.”
Between now and July, however, the show will be looking for worthy stories to research. If you have an interesting historically significant story in your family’s background, you may submit it for consideration online here.

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Married to Brad Rust for 41 years. Mother of two lads and two lasses and the gran of Aidan and Jacob Wesley. My current hobbies are family history research and blogging. I love reading, especially history, and British 18th and 19th Century literature. I really like traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!
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