John and Sarah (Carey) Jenney


My 10th great-grandparents were Separatists and were some of the first Pilgrims to immigrate to the New World. I will be sharing more about them in the future, but until I get to that I want to share a link where you can learn more about them right away.

John Jenney and Sarah Carey arrived in Massachusetts Bay in 1623. Part of their story is told at the Pilgrim Hall Museum.

John and Sarah are the ancestors of my 2nd Great-Grandmother Janette Strickland.

John and Sarah Jenney House in Plymouth, Massachusetts

John and Sarah Jenney House in Plymouth, Massachusetts


About Teresa Hamilton/Pepper Rust

Married to Brad Rust for 41 years. Mother of two lads and two lasses and the gran of Aidan and Jacob Wesley. My current hobbies are family history research and blogging. I love reading, especially history, and British 18th and 19th Century literature. I really like traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!
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14 Responses to John and Sarah (Carey) Jenney

  1. says:

    Teresa, we are related in more ways than one.

    I am a direct descendant of John and Sarah (Carey) Jenney. John and Sarah (Carey) Jenney Samuel Jenney and 2nd wife, Ann Lettice *Lettice Jenney and Desire Blackwell Cornelius Jenney and 2nd wife, Eleanor Cole Levi Jenney and Molly/Mary Blossom Bathsheba Jenney and Dr. Joseph White David White and Rebecca Smith Amanda White and William Peter Wolf Naoma Caroline Wolf and Frank William Taylor Harold Wolf Taylor and Thelma Copas (my parents) M. Marie (Taylor) Taylor

    *Lettice Jenney and Desire Blackwell John Blackwell and Sarah Warren Nathaniel Warren and Sarah Walker Richard Warren (Mayflower passenger) and Elizabeth Walker

    I proved my line to the Mayflower and became a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants 15 August 2004

    I also proved I am a direct descendant of Degory Priest, Mayflower passenger, 26 May 2009 so I have 2 certificates of which I am very proud.

    Marie Taylor

    • Marie Taylor Taylor says:

      Teresa, Another connection I just discovered. Mary (Mercy) Gifford , b. 1683; d. Jan 1772, m. Nathan Soule, 12 June 1704, Dartmouth; son of George Soule2, son of George1, Mayflower passenger. Mary, daughter of Robert Gifford, son of William Gifford, the progenitor of my Gifford line. William Howard & Mercy Gifford were my ggg. grandparents. Marie Taylor

      • Hi, Marie! How fun! Can you please send me your information on your Samuel Jenney and his wife and children and also this Gifford connection. I would like to add it to my family tree. I have a LOT of New England ancestry through my dad, Wes, whom I am assuming you may have met??? His ancestry goes deep into early Massachusetts with lots of connections to the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Scottish Prisoners of war. My personal email address is:

  2. Ronn Kale says:

    Samuel Jenney is an ancestral grandparent of mine, as well. I have tracked the Jenney’s line back but the Carey line is muddled by a lot of misinformation and lack of records. I do have two interesting candidates for Sarah’s father with one being my favorite. If you or anyone in the family is interested in a theory (s) which makes more sense then the John and Elizabeth Goodale (Goodall) or the John and Elizabeth Hereford account. Contact me at My goal has been and is…to establish the truth of our families lineage, and where there is only an hypothesis, to simply present the theory(s) that make sense and present those alternatives as speculation hoping that someday one of those potentials will be validated. At least my two candidates were the right age to be Sarah’s father and one in particular has a geographic connection to the Monk Soham area.

  3. Sherry (Pratt) Warner says:

    I am also a descendant of John and Sarah Jenney. My grandfather was Floyd Loomis Jenney, born July 25, 1888 died January 26, 1966. Married Mayme Scott January 3, 1911. They had 9 children, Scott (died as an infant), Charles, Grace, Robert, Harold, Beatrice & Bernice (twins — Bernice died in a house fire at age 7), Lois and Lola. Lola is the only one living. I am the eldest daughter of Lois.

    • Hi, Sherry, How wonderful! My Jenney’s are much further back in my tree, but I am still proud of them! Have you joined any heriatage groups?

      • Sherry (Pratt) Warner says:

        No, I haven’t joined any heritage groups. This is my first foray into this history. My grandfather’s brother, Homer Jenney, had only one son, LaRue. LaRue is now 81, and just told me about the history.

      • Sherry, It is really rare to have carried the name down through your ancestors. I highly recommend you get a DNA sample from LaRue. You can manage the DNA for him and it is easy and safe etc. I had my grandfather’s DNA tested when he was 99.

      • Sherry (Pratt) Warner says:

        I am having dinner with him Friday. I will ask him then. I have had my own done, however, I was disappointed with the results. They were not at all what I was expecting!

      • Sherry (Pratt) Warner says:

        Hi Teresa,

        I thought I would give you a little more information. I have two male cousins whose last name is Jenney. They are the sons of my uncle, Robert. They are Gary Robert Jenney and Robert Jenney (deceased) Robert has two sons, Steven Jenney and Robert Jenney, and Steven has two sons. I do not know their names, but I will find out and send them to you if you would like them. The Jenney name is still going!

      • Sherry, I have always been very interested in my Jenney ancestors and hope some day to visit the Jenney Mill. Yes, do send me their names. Here is my personal email address: It is great that the name is still going and I wonder how many of them there are? Thank-you! Cousin!

    • Sherry (Pratt) Warner says:

      Thank you. I had read a few of these. Very interesting reading. When I return home, I will run the names I have found through

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