No man is an island…especially when it comes to family history!


“No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.” – John Donne

It is also true that a family historian does not operate as an isolated researcher, but rather, as part of a family of historians.

At the earliest and basic understanding one learns about their immediate history from mom or dad or maybe an aunt or grandmother. There are stories told and passed down, old photos discussed, an old family Bible or maybe a batch of old letters, these are all parts of getting started in family research.

Some of us are lucky in that we had relatives who came before us and who self-published and made available their lifetime of research. It is important, that as we add to the story, that we also give recognition to the work that was done before us.

In that light and as I have recently been researching and trying to add to my Roork, Dougherty, Moulder and Dowden ancestors, I want to say thank you to: M. Marie Taylor, of Temple, Texas!

M. Taylor researched and bound copies of her family group sheets for the family in 1991 and 1993. These two bound copies are on my shelf and were the catalyst for getting me started on my Roork ancestry which includes the Dougherty, Moulder and Dowden families.

Using the information from these bound sheets I was able to make connections via the internet with other cousins and to eventually join the Roork DNA Project where a perfect match was found between my Uncle D. Roork and A. (Roork) Maxson’s brother to prove that we are descended from Thomas Roork of Ireland.

So thanks to M. Taylor and all the other Roork cousins and researchers for adding to the family history and making my research all the more rewarding! I do appreciate you!

FYI, I will be sharing more information about M. Taylor’s work in future blogs and also under the Claud Franklin Roork link in the header above.


About Teresa Hamilton/Pepper Rust

Married to Brad Rust for 41 years. Mother of two lads and two lasses and the gran of Aidan and Jacob Wesley. My current hobbies are family history research and blogging. I love reading, especially history, and British 18th and 19th Century literature. I really like traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!
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One Response to No man is an island…especially when it comes to family history!

  1. Marie Taylor Taylor says:

    Teresa, Thank you the recognition of my labor of love. Far as I know, I was the first to research the Roork/Roark; Dougherty/Daugherty; Molder/Moulder and Dowden families. On the Roark/Moulder families there were 7 of us sharing information. Fredric Z. Saunders was one of the 7. It was before the Internet so was all done by snail mail. It was such fun going to the mail box every day and finding correspondence waiting for me. Marie Taylor

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